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  • Pitcrew

    The Lyme blood test commonly performed only test for one very specific strain of Lyme. It's very good at detecting that... but that's only a small percentage of actual Lyme cases and I believe once you have Lyme once, even after treatment and cure that test will always show positive. There are a couple of other blood test that do a better job but they're expensive (200-500 depending on how much you want tested) and only performed by a couple of labs in the USA.

    The difficulty in getting a good positive blood test for Lyme is why it is a disease that is able to be diagnosed clinically based on symptoms and observation and doesn't need a lab result saying Yes.

    I have a LOT of family, friends, neighbors etc that have all been diagnosed and treated/in treatment for Lyme, including myself, so I've done a lot of reading on the subject.

  • Pitcrew

    I've never been tested for Lyme or really... considered going out for it. Well, I had a friend push me to years ago and then I forgot about it until y'all brought it up again recently.

    Because when I had the tick spend its days in my arm as a kid, I basically just spent a few days at home sick and then went on my way. My dad wasn't big on taking us kids to the doctor. When we found it, my mom just called her brother (a surgeon) for advice on removing it and since it came out based on that advice, my dad pulled his 'Your brother just wants us to take her to a doctor because he is one!' and since I was only 7, I didn't know better. ;)

    So I never got any initial rounds of antibiotics, etc.

    @Lisse24 I do know that ANA can do that positive/negative flip, but it's never flagged positive for a rheumatologist. It mocks me that way. PCP's bloodwork? Sure. Go to the rheumatologist and they run theirs? Oh look it's gone negative again. It's like my body is the car being taken in to the shop. 'Oh well I don't know why it isn't making the noise anymore!' :P

    But yeah I found a Lyme-rated or whatever doc nearby. Plan to go once I can find the time / set aside the money.