Wheel of Time

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    So this utterly shitty trailer for a Wheel of Time series was made, just so its shitty producing company can keep the TV rights.

    Enjoy (?).

  • It's a shame they won't let anyone else make a WoT TV series.

    It would be like GoT only with less incest and more spankings.

  • @Arkandel I think I hate you now.

  • "But how?" you may ask, possibly after only a moment's pause to reflect on the gloriously demented decision to cast Billy Zane as Ishamael, the Betrayer of Hope.

    Wait, Billy Zane also gets a producer credit...

    ...did Billy Zane cast himself in this pilot

    because that is amazing.

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    The Wheel of Time would be so hard to shoot anyway without massive alterations to the plot. So many dangling threads. Especially after book 5-6 when Robert Jordan seemed to be letting it all get out of hand and the story was spinning all over the place, it would make for some really bad TV unless they edited things very heavily.

    But for the first few books... they would make for one kick-ass series to watch.

    ... That trailer wasn't it though. :)

  • This made my night. So terribad.

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