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  • @Arkandel - Hmm. Disappointment, I guess? After knowing people can get through cgen in ten minutes from submission to approval, it kills me to see people on games waiting weeks for approval. Hearing about simple jobs sitting, staff being jerkfaces and losing their shit on channels...

    I guess a lot of it boils down to wanting to give people a safe place where they can have the fun they want to without cringing like slapped dogs every time a staffer says 'hi'. So it's entirely ooc driven.

    That's my motivation, in a nutshell.

    Tl;dr - Being better isn't hard, and people deserve a safe place to play.

    P.S. - 2e is better >.> Ducks

  • Pitcrew

    No need to duck; 2e is better - and there are precious few 2e places out there.

  • Got a Mage staffer that's already building theme. Two teamed up M/M+. Got someone that's lived there to help with mapping (Leaning towards using the different lines of the L for the division points between the different territories).

    Could still use a couple more hands on-deck to help form a wiki and tag in on Vamp and Wolf with me. I can run them, but /3/ Praxes plus wolf is going to be roooough without extra paws.

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    @coin said in Staff Needed!:

    @arkandel said in Staff Needed!:

    If this is off topic please let me know.

    What's City of Shadows planning to do differently than other nWoD MU*? What would you say - in terms of gameplay, features, direction etc - should make someone excited to staff on this game specifically?

    Your mom!

    No, wait...

    I learned it from watching you!

  • Back to needing a mage staffer. Vamp staffer would be nice, too! We have two on m/m+ and 3 on Wolf.

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    @taika As much as I'd like to volunteer for some game somewhere, I can't even be trusted to play on MU* consistently these days without flaking out, let alone staffing them.