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    @thenomain said in RL things I love:

    One of them was the 7th Sea Kickstarter. Over a year ago. And I'm still getting new stuff from it. This is by far the absolute best Kickstarter I've ever been a part of.

    I know, right? Part of me wants to be all...."Guys? I think you've met your quota here for free swag by now."

  • So, I finally have some finished shiny rocks as of last week. This makes me happy to a degree that makes no real sense, since all they do is sit on a shelf in little storage boxes, being shiny.

    But I like shiny, so that's a thing.

    I grump about it, because it is messy and often outside and often a pain in the ass, but this involves slogging around buckets of rocks anywhere from 10-30ish pounds each daily, and that can get up to slogging around 64lbs in a day (though broken up into smaller amounts because no).

    This really fucking sucked the first week, a few months ago.

    It has sucked less as time goes on.

    This is super fucking awesome, because while that's no great feat for 99.999% of the planet, my back is so profoundly screwed I've been told repeatedly and emphatically that I would never be able to lift more than 5lbs at a time for the rest of my life since I was 19. (Sorry, doc.)

    Obviously, I pushed this regularly for little things -- even a gallon of water is over 5lbs -- but not 'all over the house back and forth' and 'daily' and 'up and down stairs' multiple times a day. And if I pushed it this way for more than a day or two before, damn, would I be paying for it in hurt.

    It is a little thing, but it isn't, really, because the achey days are now the rare exception, rather than the non-achey ones. And I'm pretty happy about it.