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    I'm sure more will come to me later, but let's see.
    Fallcoast: Seraphine, Mariella, Sorcha, Kitty
    Fear and Loathing: Sariel
    Fate's Harvest: Zillah, Branwen, Mina
    **Shadows over Reno:**Autumn, Zillah (I like the name, k?), Lillian

    The Past
    Nightscape: Nykol (wereraven? bartender) and Rae
    Windy City: Celeste, Ivanya, Lexine, Nuri, Belinda, Maeve, Quinn, Maria, Brynja, Sanura, Una, and ShifterWiz Eris.
    Chronicles of Amber: Pepper, Serafina, and Julia (end-of-game, reclaimer of the Keep of Four Worlds)
    Road to Amber: Rae, Dinah, Surayya, Seren, some others, Deirdre (Silver Rift creator. Yeah, I like fucking shit up)
    The Reach: Lily/Jinx, Kitty de Troyes, Elizabeth (wolfblooded), Zilla/Kaiju, Ophelia the WinterCourt starfox, Serafina (wolfblooded), Ffion, Hazel Walker
    Keep Austin Wyrd: Lily and Tsula
    Fallcoast: Elizabeth, Tsula, Ka, Zillah
    Bump in the Night: Marietta

  • Hell-Ooooh.

  • I don't think we've ever played, but:

    1. OMG do we ever have similar taste in names, and
    2. Yay, someone else who remembers Nightscape! <3

  • @LoaKey said:


    The cop that was a were-cat?

  • Pitcrew

    @Jaded Indeed!

  • Pitcrew

    @surreality Nightscape was my first game ever, I remember it fondly for that. And holy hell, the insanity. Barbedwire jaguars and demons and...yeah. It was a hell of a time.

  • :heart: FC Zillah.

  • Pitcrew


  • Pitcrew

    Oi. Nightscape wasn't my first (Remember when it was called Necropolis?), but it still stands as one of my favorites. I was Shen and... one of the Angels of mutable manifestations, most commonly named Slate and Blake.

  • Creator

    I feel like I know you, your Reach characters seem super familiar to me (and to a lesser extent your Windy City characters).

    I was shit re: RPing on Windy City though.

    I was Magnes, Wesley, and uhhh, I forget who else at the moment, on Reach.

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