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  • Okay. Finally biting the bullet, manning up, growing a pair, however you want to put it, and doing this thing here. Be gentle with me, this is my first time.

    Past (player):

    Marvel Maelstrom: Too many to remember
    JLU: Wonder Girl, Batgirl, lots more
    UU: Catwoman, Cissie King, etc.
    UL: Black Canary, She-Hulk, Emma Frost, more
    SW1: Twyla Virda, Liza Molokai, a couple more I can't recall
    SW:NW: Liza Molokai, more
    Serenity Mush: Kitty, Kerry, few more
    RfK: Viannea
    Fifth World: Viannea, Ashleigh
    Eternal Crusade: Bethany, Jasmina, Caitlyn
    Reno Mush: Yvette, couple other alts
    Eldritch: Lacey (very short time)
    The Reach: Harm (Harmony Garvan), some others
    Fallcoast: Waneek, lots more
    Hero Mux (past iterations): Catwoman, Black Canary, Rogue, a cast of thousands
    (and of course too many BSG games to list here as well as mu*s I've long forgotten the names of, etc)

    Past (Staff):

    JLU: Watr (build staff)
    Hero Mux: Chun-Li (temporary plot staff)
    Eternal Crusade: Garfield (build)
    BSG: Orion: Brina, Zhen, Kris, many more
    Some others, including a couple games I am helping with currently.

    Current (Player):
    Fallcoast: Kizzy, Null
    Reno 2.0: Liliana, Brigitte
    Fate's Harvest: April (name subject to change at my whim)
    BSU: Got to think of a name/concept, but have plans to play here

    I feel like I've forgotten more than I remember as far as games I've played or staffed on but that is long enough of a list as it is, I think. :)

  • @Lyanna Hey, this would prolly work better if you made your own thread. More people will see it that way. :D

  • Necro-posted to do a loooooooong overdue update.

  • Ew.

  • @Tinuviel

    You made me do it. :P

  • Yet another long overdue update. Yes, another. Deal with it. :P

  • 'NEEEEEEEEEK! Hush died, released Beaut', now there is only Cannonhands, if I ever play.

  • @HorrorHound

    Yeah, you have this habit of getting disappeared on us! Come back!

  • Yet another edit to reflect letting go of some alts on FC and a couple other games I am in the process of joining.

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