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  • RE: Ruiz

    I’m not answering because I think you’ll actually believe me, I’m answering so Bess and Hobos don’t have to keep having a circular conversation with you all.

    No. I didn’t TS Isaac. I RP’d all of once with him where I was acting as GM and was busy having a vampire spray other characters in the scene with pepper spray. For the record, I didn’t TS anyone on my game. Ever since people accused me of TSing a staff NPC that my character was actively plotting to kill I have stopped TSing random people and only rarely engage and only with people I’ve known for a while. Huh, it just hit me I was talking about TR but that applies to Arx too…

    I’m really tired of this particular community using the fact that I engaged in sexual RP in the past to shame me or question my judgments.

    The slutshaming you have going on here is all too familiar. I also have literally no idea what Derp is talking about how I have banned him from games because I wanted his TS partner, but he won’t provide receipts so idec.

    Now, this is literally the last of my attention I’m giving any of you.

    Just so we’re clear, @reimesu @Ghost @Derp @Ganymede Do me a favor, and don’t come around to any game I run in the future. Because you won’t be welcome.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    @reimesu lol Are you for real? Calling out the action would have been “This doesn’t make sense” or “seems like an unfair banning”.

    Not spinning up a whole tale about how I wanted Isaac for myself so banned one of his TS partners. Labeling me as just jealous, rather than as I said grossly distressed and disgusted by Macha’s RP.

    Hilariously, Isaac, Itzak, AND Macha are all not welcome to my next project. Because they are all, in my opinion, equally problematic and toxic to the community.

    The final straw for Macha was her trying to get other people to ask me for a copy of the game db for her.

    ETA But I forgot it is your precious Derp who can do no wrong.

    Y’all can fuck right off.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    @reimesu said in Ruiz:

    @Bessarion said in Ruiz:

    And I'm done giving your dysfunctional ass attention. Just stop.

    (Bold is mine) That's a personal attack. Please stop.


    But spinning a story about how I banned Macha because I wanted Isaac for myself wasn’t? Y’all some on some hypocritical stuff here.

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  • RE: The Pack Discussion

    @Derp said in The Pack Discussion:

    Pure Conjecture Follows

    I will say that during my times with Cobalt, it would not at all surprise me if what went down was something closer to this:

    Cobalt is interested in Isaac. Cobalt expresses that interest. Isaac reciprocates but is also doing so with various other people, which Cobalt finds out about and takes offense to. Cobalt confronts Isaac, who throws @Macha under the bus by saying how he thought it would be fine but now it’s all weird and stuff, and so Cobalt instantly goes on the offensive, declaring him an undeserved victim of harassment and removing the impediment to her amorous desires problem player. She then finds out about others, and suddenly her ‘victim of harassment’ is ‘on a ban watchlist for harem building’, because that’s the only way to save face at that point.

    Since I can't report your post, how does this align with the behaviors expected your code of conduct?
    But at no point are users to engage in personal attacks against each other. Personal attacks are anything calculated to demean, shame, or intimidate other users for any reason. Bad ideas can be called out. Questionable actions can be called out. Bad game design can be called out. But at no point should a discussion devolve into name-calling, bullying, dogpiling, or mudslinging for the sake of damaging another’s mental or emotional well-being. If you just want to name-call and vent about fellow users, there are other avenues. We suggest Reddit.

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  • RE: The Pack Discussion

    Your view of me is really disappointing and hurtful.

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  • RE: Searching for Star Wars RPI

    @Ghost said in Searching for Star Wars RPI:

    Take the number of truly active non-sexMu mushers. Ballpark? Let's say less than 100.

    There are currently 1080 AresMUSH player handles. Just saying.

    I do agree with your general point, though, that there is a massive investment involved in creating and running a game (even with a ready-out-of-the-box server like Ares), and the number of people willing to take that on is a vanishingly small percentage.

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  • RE: Hogwarts Legacy

    @Ghost I'm about 8 hours in and I'm loving it. This is generally not my type of game either(I'm generally more of a combat sports or Dark Souls person). I'm also not a huge Harry Potter fan. I enjoyed the movies and books well enough but only to read/watch them once each. This game, however, has sucked me right in and I can't seem to stop playing.

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  • RE: Changeling of the Autumn Court

    Feel free. I don't even know where to play a Changeling on a MUSH.

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  • Changeling of the Autumn Court

    While playing around endlessly with dumb stuff on Midjourney, I started blending some stuff together like undead wolverine as a warlock. A few hours later, I lost the Wolverine aspect but suddenly something said "Oh, Changeling of the Autumn Court. Thought someone might find these cool.


    cfb6919b-d85f-4a96-8016-a070dadcb340-image (1).jpg

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  • RE: ELI5 - Discord RP

    @Luna said in ELI5 - Discord RP:

    Thinking about it, frankly I don’t see why it couldn’t have the conveniences were used to. Likely the reason why there aren’t bots now for that are likely just that no one thought about it.

    Maybe, but it would be clunky as heck. MUs have a lot built into them - especially now with the web support that Ares and Evennia have. You can't do all that with Discord bots.

    That's not to say you couldn't adopt a few things to make it more convenient, just that you're not going to replicate a MU interface in discord. And you probably wouldn't want to. They're different mediums.

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