NOLA: The Game That Care Forgot

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    Yes. -_-

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    Apparently we accidentally had guest logins disabled. This was not on purpose! If you came by, guest was disabled, and left because the game "wasn't open", please come back!

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    That is a LOT of devotions. Thank you!

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    I will be at least making a Beast. Super excited.

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    Me too! Feel free to log in and ask questions.

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    @RDC Already on as Mason. :)

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    So just an update: We are moving people through CG! We have helpfiles now. (Thank you @skew!) The game is on its way to becoming a real boy. Most of our time is being consumed answering questions, talking to players, and working on all the little stuff you don't notice isn't working until someone tries to use it. I'm pretty sure we're the first place to actually USE the Beast part of Thenomain's CG code.

    I'm still trying to think of how to implement stuff from Hurt Locker. And how much to implement. I may split variant style merits out into their own individual things, like having Lock Flow be its own merit that requires Grappling 3.

    Does anyone have thoughts on the Hurt Locker ammo capacity rules?

  • Are you looking at implementing the Supernatural Merit Templates?

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    @Miss-Demeanor Yes! ASAP. We've got people waiting on them.

  • @RDC said in NOLA: The Game That Care Forgot:

    @Miss-Demeanor Yes! ASAP. We've got people waiting on them.


  • Is this the same group that ran the last game set in New Orleans?

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    Nope. Our team are first-time game runners. It's not the first time staffing for any of us, but we've never run a game ourselves before. I know that one of us at least worked on an Anitaverse game set in New Orleans, but no World/Chronicles of Darkness NOLA games.

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    For those putting things off until there were people to play with: We have six approved PCs, four of those approved today. We have a few more people in various stages of the CG process from "Waiting on Hurt Locker" to "everything's done except the desc".

    The process has been 100% smooth for the last few people. Beast CG seems to be missing XP costs for some things, but that should get fixed this weekend and we're working around it for now.

    Our first Beats have been handed out.

    Things are getting rolling, and they'll only roll faster with more people.

    On a staffing note: We're keeping our eyes out for preferably one or maybe two someones who know vampire, werewolf, and beast (with an emphasis on beast). I'm realizing that although I'm perfectly capable of handling the paperwork an app load, being online 24/7 so there's always someone to answer questions isn't possible, and that means basically that when I and Decatur are both asleep or afk, there's a dead zone.

    So having a few or more of these qualities means that you should definitely message me. Listed from most important to least.

    • Okay with our core staffing philosophies (Let people have fun their own ways; judge based on policies and rules instead of pet peeves (which is hard even for me, often, even though it's my philosophy); trust first and assume players mean the best until they don't; do not staff on unwritten rules: if there's a rule that's unwritten, make sure it gets written).
    • Knowledgeable or willing to become knowledgeable with Beast.
    • Gregarious with new players.
    • Knowledgeable or willing to become knowledgeable with Werewolf.
    • Knowledgeable or willing to become knowledgeable with Vampire.
    • Excited about being on a small game at first.
    • Previous experience staffing with +jobs a plus.
    • Previous staffing experience using Thenocode a plus.
    • EU or Australian time slot a plus.

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    Just an announcement: Hurt Locker merits and templates now available on NOLA.

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    As someone with a degree of expertise your house rules aren't bad.

    I am surprised that no changes were made to Professional Training (unless it is simply disallowed which would explain that).

    And for my own curiosity, why the change to Protean 2 claws?

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    @tragedyjones said in NOLA: The Game That Care Forgot:

    I am surprised that ....

    You're better than this!

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    Why let Protean claws do lethal damage to vampires? Honestly, because I think it might decrease the usage of Claws of the Unholy. Most serious users of Protean 2 as a main weapon will be following a similar Ordo Dracul frenzy Gangrel build (I should know, I've played it). If they do at least lethal damage, then there's an alternate path. Otherwise they're not really better vampire v. vampire than a baseball bat.

    Also: They are a supernatural power that deals lethal damage; supernatural sources of lethal are supposed to deal lethal to vampires.

    As for Professional Training: I've seen Reno's HRs, and I see where they're coming from, but I don't think it'll be a problem. I like the thought of Professional Training: Werewolf Assassin. Go grimdark like it's your damn job.

    NOLA's a game where I'm trying to discard a lot of the assumptions that MU*s have, and I'm trying to give people room to have fun in their own ways. It's an experiment. If things go off the rails, we'll correct some, but in the ~20 characters I've approved in the past week or so, only one of them has even taken Professional Training - and that one at, I think, 2.

    We've actually had no Ordo Dracul Gangrel either, which astounds me. But people are pretty focused on Beast and the Hurt Locker templates.

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    @RDC said in NOLA: The Game That Care Forgot:

    Why let Protean claws do lethal damage to vampires? Honestly, because I think it might decrease the usage of Claws of the Unholy.

    The most important case for Claws of the Unholy for me is as a counter-balance to Werewolves. Uratha are amazing combat machines but they've very few ways of preventing aggravated damage but will laugh at lethal especially in Gauru. If you pin two combat monsters in a white room against each other and take out the aggravated damage portion the wolf will win - assuming the vampire can't one-shot them, of course.

    With aggravated damage on the claws it's a far more fair race.

  • Pitcrew

    Agreed - and Claws of the Unholy is still there an unchanged. I just think that buffing Protean Claws to do lethal vs. vampires leaves more room for not taking it, not eliminates the need for it.

    Really, though, if you're a Gangrel fighting a werewolf in a locked room who just went Gauru, your best bet is to turn into a cloud of mist and eat them.

    The answer to "How do you fight a Gauru-form werewolf" is almost always "You don't", which is as it should be. Escape, evade, and outsmart the rampaging unstoppable juggernaut, don't try to out-juggernaut them.

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