[Request] Good AnomalyJobs tutorials?

  • So I'm trying to dig through AnomalyJobs. Reading the documentation is like reading the techical manual for the industrial printers at my old job (and those were in badly-translated Chinese-to-English crazy). Anyone who has a sane set of AnomalyJobs tutorials or can write some (general topics including creating new buckets, assigning buckets, and easy AJ hacks) would be the bestest person in the world.

  • Tutorialist

    What are you wanting to do, specifically?

  • I think he probably just wants a quick run-through of creating a bucket, setting up jgroups and little tricks of the trade that might help make using it easier (maybe /cc or whatever?).

  • @Glitch
    More or less. Like, I get the basics of it through the help file, I just keep looking at it and going 'ehhh?' on a couple things. In particular, though, yeah. shortcuts and little tricks that people have picked up for managing the jobs and doing customizing to it. I know it seems like a dumb question (and probably is, I'll chalk it up to braindead or dumbness of my part).

  • The help stuff for Anomaly is confusing.

  • Tutorialist

    I can do that, but not tonight. So if someone else gets to it first, whee! Otherwise sometime this week I can write something up.

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