[Original Supernatural/Vampire MUSH] Houses of the Blood MUSH

  • Making no real headway of late.

    I added some things to the introduction section to help me with organization and keeping my eyes on what needs to be in each section.

    The setting and history file is complete. Would like input if anyone cares to give me some opinions: https://www.hotbmush.com/wiki/02._Setting_and_History

    Working on the 'what is a vampire/what is vampire society' file. This one is going faster than I expected, which I'm happy about. ETA: I also came up with something that I like thematically when a vampire goes too far to the end of their emotional spectrums (rage and anger for descendants of Licenia; solace and ennui for descendants of Titus). Once I have all that in the next file I'll link it too.

  • I wish I had more meaty and faster updates. I'm waning, guys. Trying to putter along, and I just continue to think I've just bitten off more than I can chew.

    But, here we are. I'm still pushing, and going to write today while I try to determine if the server I'm on currently is going to be back, or if I'm going to migrate to digitalocean...

    Working on the 'what is a vampire/what is vampire society/how is a normal city-state set up under the Republic of the Night' section today. Once I knock this out, which is the next-biggest section to get out of my brain and onto paper, I think the rest will go much more quickly.

    I will admit: I've cleaved myself back from some of the concepts I was debating on 'CvC social conflict'. Or rather, rejigged my thoughts on them. Rather than having social conflict done in that manner on a one-on-one scale (though it can still be done with a contest, it's not something akin to social combat again), I'm focusing more on things like Influence. I'm hoping to do it in such a way that is 1) fun for players, and 2) doesn't turn into the nightmare that RfK's stuff was. Here's to hoping!

    Writing Music For Today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BQBmmJKKsE

  • Pitcrew

    @bobotron Good luck! I'm always rooting for non WOD vampire games.

  • @secretfire
    (Shameless selfish post) Thanks. If you wanna root me on further, any thoughts you might have on the setting section posted above would be awesome.

  • Glad that I picked up on digitalocean. Current host for the wiki has flaked out and, somehow, when they did an upgrade , somehow broke PHP dependencies for mediawiki it looks like.

    Wiki is in the process of transitioning (yay backups), but writing process is going slow.

    Chargen is more or less done, I just have to rejigger a couple of things from the changeover from the WoD LARP version to the custom system for HotB.

    Pre-built lists of powers are... well... they are what they are. I haven't completed them.

    I'm really thinking about just finishing up the rest of the files for history and everything, finish up the XP system (I just need to figure out how to paginate the thing), and then go, and not worry about the auto-combat, and just have a +check system in place, and let people free form their powers based on the levels.

    I'm going. It just... is what it is. Ugh.

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    @Bobotron so what is the era this game is taking place in?

    Tech levels?

  • @songtress

    Modern era, set in 2018, current year. Tech levels are modern. Vampire society via the Houses has existed due to the holding up of their traditions from the top-down and using their resources to make their society work.

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    Does humanity know? Is there some kind of masquerade in place?

    What makes this different from say: A world of darkness game that just has Invictus as its only covenant?

    (Sorry I am trying to find things that make me want to play, though I do want to play) but if I were to tell some one else about it,

  • @songtress

    Humanity doesn't as a whole know. There is a particular government agency that attempts to police the supernatural from the mortal side, equally working on accords and peace talks and treaties as killing supernaturals who get too out of line. The Law of Revelation is in place, which you can equate to the Masquerade; it has a different point of origin, though, but serves the same function.

    I suppose the biggest things I'd say as potential selling points are:

    • Lack of baggage. It's a setting that isn't mired down in 30 years of books and material and pre-conceived notions.
    • The conceptual history and the play style I'm hoping for is a bit more Buffy/Angel perhaps than the standard WoD MU*.

    But I'm kinda drained at this point. I have come to realize that I enjoyed writing the history/backstory, but I've run out of inspiration. So I dunno.

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    Take a deep breath, take a break, ride a bike, go play some video games.. Refresh yourself.