Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.

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    @macha Yikes, glad your boss supported you though.

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    Dog bolted out the door last night after getting home. This dog recalls at his name. But never bolts. We spent 45 minutes looking for him, driving streets, updating his owner. We have been this dogs sitter for almost three years.

    His owners haven't left town yet, are getting ready to come over and help, night has fallen, i am freaking out.

    The assholes next door - who have been WATCHING this whole time - open their garage door and start to bring him over. He went for their garage. I say assholes because they are the neighbours everyone wishes would either solve the problem that makes them assholes, or fucking move because they are unbearable assholes. They are assholes.

    They had him in their garage.... for an hour, while we drove/walked, called and only brought him over when it looked like we were stopping (waiting for owner to arrive). Then proceed to tell us "we are going to call the owner and inform them of how poorly you care for their animal. We have their number on the tag, we are going to ensure they know you lost their dog"

    While I was on the phone with the owner. Who has been yelled at by these people for parking too close to one sise of my driveway for the asshole's liking. So on the phone I hear the owner just laughing. "Don't worry, we know the care he gets. He gets so excited to go to your place when we say your name".

    I have no fucking doubt the assholes locked him in their garage. Hell, it was a thought I had as I watched them scowling. But wrote it off, thinking nah, they can't be THAT kind of people. This dog recalls at name and is the dumb happy doofy dog tgat you can't help but love his smile.

    Then I remember they hacked my rosebush because i was getting a trellis when I saw it creeping into sidewalk space and they couldn't wait an hour for me to do it. Or the cinstant calls to the city on neighbours, us, or countless other shit.

    So yeah. Pretty sure they did.


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    @jibberthehut Wtf was their excuse for locking a dog that wasn't theirs in their garage in the first place?

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    @arkandel None. Did he go in their garage? Yes. I have no doubt. It makes sense. He plays around in his garage at home.

    My guess? they wanted to fuck with us. They are folks who a frisbee landed in their yard and told the kids "not my problem it fell in here, you can wait till I feel like picking it up and giving it back" while standing beside it. The kids asked politely, i was there watching. I asked if we could come in and get it was told no. Do not come on their property.

    They call the city on garbage cans put out the night before garbage day, cans not put away by the evening the day of or still there in the morning. They called the city on placement of my rosebush (you can put it anywhere just not public right of way), on my pool (It's an eyesoren illegal, we let it get green) but I have logs of maintenence, needs no permit or fence as it is a temporary installation and my levels are perfect and i ensure it drains to the back of my property to a safe drain. Uhh theyxre actively trying to get the house across the street condemned. They don't let their kids play outside if either neighbour to them is out.

    So much. They almost got away with adverse possession of 6 feet of our lawn on the other side of the driveway. "But we have been maintaining this. You can't put snow here, you can't walk on here" nope. Survey says... myyyyy lawn. We will give you money to keep maintaining since our lot lines meet or we can take over, your choice but thank you for maintaining it.

    Like, they are real ripe pot smoking assholes. Yes. I caught them 4 years ago smoking ut when I brought over baked goods (i am that neighbour) and it was just ripe and there was hasty putting out of their joint. After that, they have been righteous pricks.

    So yes. They would do that and have no reason other than to be dicks because they can. Dud i mention she is a paralegal in a real estate attorney's office and was involved in the closing of our house and was besties with the previous owner?

  • So my motherboard died, no desktop for a bit though fortunately it was under warantee and so I am getting it fixed. In the meantime though I fired up the old laptop from the cupboard and...

    Wow, this is terrible. Any recommendations for a laptop in the $700 or less range?

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    @packrat Depending on your use case (do you want it for MUSHing and internet browsing or are you going to do actual gaming?) I'd either go for a used one or for a Chromebook with a keyboard perhaps. If you go the used route try to make sure you can return it within a reasonable amount of time if you spot things you can't check for at the store - such as a bad battery for example.

    I love my laptop, it was a Christmas present, but I'd never sink a lot of cash into a machine that's not as fast as a desktop for the same bang for my buck.

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  • @arkandel Like most things, this varies by jurisdiction and context. There are a lot of women out there a lot worse off than I am, for example.

    But I think my generation of women lawyers is fortunate to have a lot of help and mentoring from previous generations, who fought through the shit chest deep and brought it down to a more manageable level (say, ankle to knee).

    I find most of the obnoxious sexism I deal with comes from clients, not colleagues or court personnel. Like when I have to go get my boss for a meeting to repeat literally exactly the same words I just said...

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    @arkandel said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    A female principal at my firm has made more than one person break down into tears. She likes theatre, her dog, and desserts at depositions.

    If some asshole filed this, she would file an ethics complaint. That is, of course, if the judge didn't do it first.

    I investigate ethics complaints for the local bar association. If any lawyer pulled this shit on the public record, I would simply demand that he turn over each and every motion that he filed, called each and every attorney he attempts to humiliate, and have that man marched up to Ohio Supreme Court to explain to Justice Maureen O'Connor why he thinks that was "okay."

    In short: don't pull this shit in Ohio. Don't. Local grievance committees are vicious, vigilant, and voracious.

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    @arkandel said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    Lawbots out there, what do you think of this?

    (Someone please edit that article properly. What happened to you, Atlantic? Blatant typos?!)

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    I hate how pretty much every time I eat, no matter what I eat... I feel sick after.

    Some bread? Sick.
    Bowl of plain white rice? Sick.
    Grilled chicken? Sick.

    Oh, it tastes great. And my anemic self is glad I've eaten (headache clears up, I stop feeling weak/shaky, etc)... But I just feel terribly nauseated for a while.

  • No, I'm not "too young to be tired all the time." I work long hours, raise three children, and go fuck yourself I'm tired.

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    @tinuviel Amen.

    or the "I never see you anymore, come over for dinner, why are you ignoring me this last month"

    Woman, I'm exhausted after I send all the daycare kids home, and then clean my house, and cook dinner, and try to get laundry done. I no longer have all day to sit and quilt and meet up for lunches and go hang out at your boat house on weekends. I'm lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep and RP comes while i'm cleaning or grocery shopping or doing everything (Yes, I bring my phone and rip off poses wile picking groceries).

    So I hear you. Some folks can benefit from walking in another persons shoes damnit, before making comments.

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    @tinuviel said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    No, I'm not "too young to be tired all the time." I work long hours, raise three children, and go fuck yourself I'm tired.

    I honestly hate any variation of the "too young for..." claim. I view it as selfish "but I wanna be the only one with something to fuss about" behavior.

    No I'm not too young for knee/hip issues. In fact anyone who played a sport intensely as a teenager isn't too young for their body to break down by the time they're 30. In my case, sooner, because I had to have major knee surgery when I was 14 due to an injury.

    But I'll make sure to tell the doctor next time we're discussing treatment for the severe arthritis in my hip that some rando said I'm too young to have it. That'll totally help.

  • @jibberthehut said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    walking in another persons shoes damnit

    Not my shoes. I like my shoes. They can have my degenerating lumbar spine though.

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    @tinuviel But...but...

    I like shoes....

  • I have (translated to US sizes) size 14 shoes, so you cannot have them, those things are expensive and will make you look like you have clown feet.

    Also this is really annoying if I am auditing a factory and need to wear safety boots but they do not have any my size, I get to try to pay close attention to processes in a loud factory as I limp around with pinched toes.

  • Pitcrew

    Called out of work sick because, well, sick.

    Still feel guilty af about it even tho just driving in would've been dangerous (dizzy spells). Damn my brain.

  • @packrat This might help.

    I have weirdly made feet (short toes, absurdly high arches, heavy lady ankles, fairly small shoe size -- fuck you, genetics. :/ ) and I can always find stuff from them. They do seem to go up to US Men's 14, and also most seem available in medium and wide fit. The stuff I've had from them has lasted for ages on end, too. They're not super cheap, but they're pretty dang reasonable for safety boots. Everything I've owned from them is always stupidly comfortable, too.

  • Pitcrew

    @packrat I object to this! I wear 14EW's in boot form, I do not look like I have clown feet!!

    Also, you may wish to pick up your own safety boots from