Messaging Bug

  • I ended up digging through the css on chrome and editing it. I pulled up a PM window, typed 'test' in it, and then right-clicked on 'test' to pull up the contextual menu, then scrolled down to inspect it. I scrolled through there until I found what color property the text was using in the css that pops up (this will be the first 'color' property without a strikethrough) and edited it to a color that would show up against the dark background. (In my case, #FFFFFF (white) on the slate skin.) Thankfully, thus far it has stuck. Thus far. Fingers and toes remaining crossed.

  • Pitcrew

    Reincarnation thread!

    I am having texts jumble together on the messenger. I don't know if it's solved by doing the thing in the post above me suggested by @surreality, or if something else needs to be done.

    But if that would solve the problem, a step by step would be a blessing!

  • Admin

    @Cupcake That's weird, I haven't noticed anything.

    We're running the newest version of nodebb as of a few days ago, so you might need to force a web browser-side refresh... unless of course others are having the same issue.

    Try opening a fresh incognito window and log on MSB, do you have the same issue?

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