Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (VtM 5E)

  • rise from your grave

    So as of yesterday we got more information from Modiphius about those books.


    Also some other info about organized play and playtesting from Modiphius, as well.


    All in all, I'm a little surprised that Modiphius is doing all 13 clans in the book, which is different from what was the stated 'development philosophy' by one of the V5 developers, but at least it'll help with drawing in people who were skipping it because their favorite <x> wasn't in the book.

  • @Bobotron Goooooood shit all around. Fall of London will be a sweet campaign setting, Players Guides will likely answer a lot of clan questions like "Where are the Giovanni?", and the 2nd Inquisition book will have a lot of tasty treats to help define how dangerous it is to BE a vampire in the V5 setting. Love it.

  • @Bobotron I'm curious about this organized play. If they're going the D&D adventure league route and you can take your league-approved vampire from game to game I think it's an intriguing idea.

    For a game that focuses on global events, I can see where some real-time events would be neat.

  • @Ghost
    Well, the book Cults of the Blood Gods will do a lot more to answer that question about the Giovanni, since the whole Hecata writeup (including backstory, why the necromantic clans joined up in parts, and independent takes on the necromantic clans) will be in there. The 'overview' most of us are expecting is a few pages worth, plus the 'core' basic Discipline. But it'll be nice for those to be playable come December, even if we won't have all the context for what they're doing now.

    SI will be choice though, apparently they've stated there will be rules for playable SI agents/mortals in that book as well as expanded equipment.

  • Pitcrew

    I love everything about the Giovanni but their actual story.

    I think, in the end, Vampire is not the setting for me. I'd love to play a character who is not evil and who is actively seeking redemption, but the existence of paths other than humanity has always felt more like flavor than an actual option.

  • @Rinel Personally, from what I've seen of your ethics/personality, V5 might actually be better a game for you than you know.

    V5 has done away with defining what morality is. It's not the first vampire system to do it, but it encourages the group to determine x-card type content and then the moral tenets for the game itself. The group defines what face morality takes in the ongoing story, and then each character further defines their own morality.

    It would be very easy to run a game/coterie (coterie is the V:tM term for a collective group of vampires who are their own team, so to speak) that all have similar morals and derive strength from following the path to humanity.

    Also, despite bad press they've updated the theme to break up some of the canon boys club misogyny. It's now canon that a woman broke free of the male-dominated Thelema-styled Tremere Council and is forming a sect of Intersectional and experimental Tremere blood mages seeking to work together. They're hunted, but they're growing and have support.

    Also, they introduced a Gangrel canon character named "Rudy". Gangrel are often chased out of cities (they're the animalistic-feral type clan), and in the new canon are outlawed in some domains. Rudy, in canon, has taken this to be similar to the treatment of minority vampires (not just gender, race, or sexuality, but also trash vampires shunned by the Camarilla, namely Gangrel, thin bloods whose vampire blood makes them weak but also daywalkers, and clanless Caitiffs) in some cities and is a canon "vampire civil rights" leader.

    Plenty of good stuff to chew on.

  • Pitcrew


    I do like those things, but what I really like are things like V:tDA's Road of Heaven and VtM's Sharia el-Sama--the religious based paths that are really heavy on morality.

    Looking other Paths up, the Path of Entelechy looks pretty interesting.

  • @Rinel I liked Road of Heaven a lot, because it made vampires feel very Kingdom of Heaven, which I think is a very underrated movie. It brought out a lot of deep thought into some characters. I love the idea of a Holy Knight continuing his search for Heaven even while living as a creature cursed by God.

    Still, I think the newer systems where you define those things Meatloaf will NOT DO FOR LOVE allows for a path/road more personalized to the player/character's desires. Kind of like how some paths might be great on 6-7 of the tenets, but three felt weird?

  • @Rinel
    You can just about recreate any Path or even chunks of multiple paths into your Humanity based on how V5 does it. You have Tenets (the global morality) which is decided by the ST and the group (so you could have a Humanist set of Tenets wit hthings like Don't kill except in self defense), then individual PCs have Convictions, which are personal morals that they use to keep the Beast away. IT's really a well-done and very malleable system.

    ETA: Apparently it looks like we'll be getting expanded Discipline powers in the Player's Guide?

    Dawkins' statement about what he did for Oblivion kinda indicates that. I'm fishing for answers.

  • Info on projects from Matthew Dawkins (thanks to him for the AMA on the WoD5 Discord).

    From the Player's Guide...

    • The PG will have Amalgams and alternate powers for Disciplines. Apparently 'Warlocks of all stripes will have some new toys to play with' but without context (hopefully more Rituals and BS powers).
    • The Hecata section will talk about the Giovanni as they are linked to the Hecata; the Hecata section will not talk about the non-Hecata Giovanni. The non-Hecata Giovanni will be more covered in Cults of the Blood Gods.
    • Ravnos and Tzimisce will be in the PG.

    On the Chicago Folios...

    • They will contain some mechanics, new Loresheets and Blood Sorcery Rituals.

  • @Bobotron said in Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (VtM 5E):

    Ravnos and Tzimisce will be in the PG.

    Ravnos, huh?

    I thought they all died, or was it just the illusion of death? We're gonna find out. My SO loves the Ravnos, so she'll be happy to hear this.

    Me, I hate the Ravnos until they uncheese Chimerstry.

  • @Ghost
    Ravnos were reduced to a couple hundred, and it's been 14 years since. So we'll see what they do.

    Most of us in the community are expecting Chimerstry as a whole Discipline to be gone, replaced by a couple of Amalgams. It's all they need, anyway. One for general illusions, one for fighty illusions. None of this 'I can make a static illusion at level 1!' that no Ravnos ever sits at anyway.

  • @Bobotron Horrid Reality is my big concern. It was craaaazy operpowered.

  • And we'll get some info on the state of the Sabbat in the PG.

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