How to BeipMU: The best MU Client for Windows

  • @Darren said in How to BeipMU: The best MU Client for Windows:

    Just noticed this on Win10 this morning. At first I thought it was because the time on my PC was off (I dual boot Windows and Linux and Windows doesn't like it when the clock is in UTC) but I closed the app, fixed the time, restarted it and the timestamps in the tooltips were still off.

    I was just coming in here to ask about this very issue. Guess I'll update later!

  • Happy New Year and happy 4.00.292!

    Lots of small improvements and at least one bigger common request...

    • Found a way to disable the OS default beep sound when going out of bounds in the input window (either delete or with the cursor) (so those of you who were bothered by it, here you go!)

    • Switched to the modern OS visual themes; dialogs shouldn't look like they're from Windows 95 anymore!

    • Added '/newedit' to create a dedicated editing window (with a few options for it, like having spellcheck enabled) (This has been a frequent request, so if it was one of yours, please try it out and see how you like it!)
      a screenshot of a new editing window

    • Added character notes window (Options->Show Character Notes Window) to easily edit existing character info field
      character notes window, docked

    • Added crash detector that gives the option to generate a mini dump to send in (to make it much easier to share crashes) (Please do send them to the dev if you hit any!)

    • Added spawn trigger option 'Copy line instead of move' so that a copy can be left in the main output instead of only moving

    • Added 'Set Background Color' option to stat windows

    • Added Logging->'Starting From Top of Window...' menu item to start a log from anywhere in the output history

    • Changed tab colors to be saved per character, not per tab visible at shutdown (behavior with puppets might be weird, let me know what it should do)

    • Fixed spawn tab triggers to now honor the "Don't show as activity" setting

    • Fixed a bug in smart paste where it was adding an extra line feed per line, resulting in LF CR LF sequences instead of the correct CR LF.

    • Fixed the tiny drag image in the Worlds dialog, same issue that the trigger/macros/aliases had when dragging an image, forgot to fix this one too

    • Fixed a hang when sending enormous blocks of text (>64K) and using restore logs (if what is sent is larger than the restore log size it would get stuck trying to make room forever)

    As usual, using the store version is favourite -- if you're currently using it, you can hurry up the update by opening the store app, going to 'Downloads and Updates' in the upper right three-dot menu, and then clicking 'Get Updates' -- but you can also grab it from the github here. Why not drop by the Discord and say thank you or ask about the enhancement you're dreaming of? :D

  • Smol update! 4.00.293, spotting and squashing bugs:

    • Added '/ansireset' command to reset the current ansi state. (this one's actually a way to handle an occasional server-side bug rather than a Beip issue.)

    • Fixed a docking layout restore bug, where horizontal windows could shift slightly.

    • Fixed a crash when using Find in the main output window.

    As always, you can grab it from the store or from github! Updating right away is recommended if you ever use the 'Find' feature, this time.

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