Free Star Trek RPGs(Lasers & Feelings, Far Trek, WNMHGB)

  • So another thread was talking about Modiphius and their Star Trek RPG, which I think is a mixed bag that would likely be a nightmare on a MUX. I was cruising around reddit today and found a little game called Lasers and Feelings, it's Star Trek with the serial number filed off. Without having played it I can say that it looks lite, fast paced, and possibly very playable on a mux. Did I mention it is lite? Like all the rules fit on one page that you can find here Lasers & Feelings. I'm gonna pass it around to my RP group to see what they think but I thought I'd post it here too.

  • My big concern for a MU would be that character "types" would run out quickly. It's really just a combination of 3 traits. How many Hot Shot Pilots would the ship end up having for instance?

  • I like L&F less as a system to run an entire MU with and more as a system to run within a game.

    I mean, a lot of us play MU characters who are nerds themselves and L&F is perfect for when your PCs wanna sit down... and be RPG nerds. Yes, it gets hella meta, but sometimes your BSG chars are stuck in the field and wanna nerd it up.

    ...I have used L&F for this purpose. And it's hilarious and works. :P

  • Pitcrew

    @Auspice Hey, I once played in a Shadowrun game where the PC's broke out the original D&D Basic set and started a game to kill time in game. It all went well until the ork mercenary flipped the table and went off grumbling about racial profiling.

  • Man, there seems to be no end to the free Star Trek RPGs that exist on the net. Finding them and giving them a quick look was a good way to distract myself this morning. Here are the two that stood out to me...

    Far Trek

    • Looks fast paced and quick to get into. Seems to have a decent amount of support.

    Where No Man Has Gone Before

    • Uses the Micro20 system which looks pretty slick. I like how it handles ship combat, at least as the brief glance I gave it.

    Obviously I haven't played either of these but I think I'm gonna give one or both of them a shot with some friends. They both look fairly dynamic and interesting.

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