Nemesis Board Game

  • I just got my Kickstarter core box of the Nemesis Board Game. Hooooly shit.

    Nemesis Kickstarter

    (It's concluded, sorry to say, but will be retailing soon if not now)

    Thia game is sexy as hell, I'm going to be getting a ton of stretch content for my Intruder pledge, and added on the Medic character.

    This game is amazing and thoroughly recreates the genre feel of Aliens/The Thing/Event Horizon.

    The last time I played, my character had a broken arm, was bleeding, and had an alien egg in her chest waiting to hatch. I had to crawl her through the decks and avoid the creatures to get to the surgery room. There, she had 2 rounds until she bled out or hatch the alien from her chest.

    The surgery machine causes 1 point of damage (because WTF, like Prometheus, you're awake while the surgery machine takes it out of you), so I couldn't do it until I healed. I searched for a medkit, used it, and on my last turn alive used the surgery and took the alien out of her.

    THEN I had 4 rounds to check if the engines were broken and get her ass to her cryo pod before the ship jumped (if the engines were broken, the ship would explode on jump) so that the sudden g-forces wouldn't liquefy her.

    She ran. On the way she got attacked. She got a card that needs to be scanned to determine if she was infected again. On the last turn before jump she got to the cryo-bed, got in, and the ship jumped.

    But did she live or did the alien hatch from her chest while she slept and it killed her?

    The whole table was on pins and needles as I scanned the red plastic over her infection card and...



  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost I have it, but I have yet to play it. I've cracked it open to look inside, but haven't punched it or read the rules yet. No time + nobody to play with.

  • @Alamias There's a single player option and a campaign mode, but if you can, definitely try to get a group together.

    I'm planning on painting my minis because they could also be useful for other games.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost I'll look into playing a solo game just to give it a run through. I have people I can have over to play, just haven't been able to get them together yet.

    I ended up getting the sundrop all in, so I don't have to paint them. I'm looking forward to getting all the other alien stretch goals.

  • @Alamias Was your Soldier mini a little melted around the head-zone?

    I checked my kit and everything printed just fine, but I guess there's a known issue where the "Soldier" run was a little QA-failed. If so, take a picture of it and let the game company know. As I understand it they're gonna re-run those minis and ship out replacements.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost Yeah, I saw the issues reported, but my Solider seemed to be fine.

  • @Alamias Lucky bastage.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ghost I'm going to double check when I get home, just to make sure

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