20th Anniversary WoD MUSH Needs Help!

  • Pitcrew

    After a lot of consideration on my V5 idea I've made quite a few changes. For one, I'm going with 20th anniversary edition instead! Also, the location has changed! Here's the basic info!

    I am looking for aid in the areas of:

    • Coding (#1 thing needed!)

    Eventually I will need help building, running spheres and the like, but for now the main thing I need help with is coding.

    Basic ideas about the game:

    • Set in New York City

    • Multi-sphere (Mortal, Mortal+, Vampire, Shifter, Changeling at the minimum)

    • Metaplot!

    • A roster of pre-made characters written into the metaplot at various levels of xp. WHen a character is dropped they return to the roster for someone else to eventually play. Folks CAN make their own characters, but OCs will work a little differently. (There will be a big roster, involving all spheres! Super easy to get in game and play! Roster characters will also include above-CG characters, which will require more activity and involvement. Exact rules in development.)

    • Lots still being planned and thought about!

    If you are at all interested, hit me up here!

  • I realize this is necro'd, but.


  • Wondering about this too. A roster system would certainly solve some of the problems some settings, specifically Vampire, run into sometimes.

  • Sign me up as well!

  • Pitcrew

    LOL. Sadly, I didn't get any of these responses when first working on it. XD It's hard to build a game on your own while ALSO trying to teach yourself how to code. So, I dropped the project. If I had someone to help with code and everything, I'd be more then willing to reignite it.

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