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    So I picked up a couple of things at Gencon that have turned out to be super interesting so far. The first on the list, and by far the one I've had the most fun with, is called Three Things:

    This version looks fairly expensive, since I picked it up for $20, but it's made by Shenanigames, and I can't find a better website.

    The basic premise of the game is that you and several other players are given a scenario ("Trapped in a mall full of zombies..." "In the ring with a heavyweight boxer..." "Separated from your spaceship..."), and there are a bunch of little cardboard tiles in the bag that indicate different items (Lipstick, underpants, pie, a chainsaw, a fire extinguisher, a flip-flop, etc.). You have to come up with a story about how you used these three things to overcome the situation you found yourself in.

    One player acts as the judge. That player determines how many of the items you found a plausible or creative use for, and awards you a ration for each of the items you used well (in their opinion). So you get a little thing with a 1 to 3 on it. Whoever has the most rations at the end of play wins.

    You can come up with some crazy things. It's great fun.

    Next up is Uno Flip. Which is very much like the Uno that you know and love, but each card has a "Dark Side", revealed through the Flip card (where you flip the deck and everyone flips their hand to the other side), which are much more punishing. Draw 5, Draw until you get a specific Color, Skip Everyone, etc. So much fun.

    A last one here is "Sing For Your Supper", which is great fun and completely humiliating if you can't sing. The basic premise is that you're trying to create a whole 'meal', and in order to do so you have to sing a part of a song. But since lyrics are expensive and copyright is an issue, the card you're given contains a clue as to the genre and the decade, and you have to decipher what the song should be and sing that part of the verse.


    "Someone has a firearm."


    Country 2010's:

    Infant you are a melody, you induce me to open the windows and drive, on a country road, running stop signs, in the center of the road, each small hamlet with you, in my brand new pickup with a high center, it would be beautiful if you were inside it.

    Other players have cards they can play to screw you over though, so don't expect it to be easy!

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