Obsidian Reverie

  • “There is no question that there is an unseen world. The problem is, how far is it from midtown and how late is it open?”
    ― Woody Allen

    The World of Darkness is a dangerous place, but in that danger there can be beauty too. Are you new to this darker world or is it all old hat? How will you survive and thrive when threats lurk both externally and internally?

    Obsidian Reverie is a brand new 2e Chronicles of Darkness game that utilizes the AresMUSH platform. While we have dedicated venue STs that provide plots for you to follow, the staff of OR also encourages telling your own stories and setting up your own plots for fellow players. While we are Crossover friendly, you will not be forced to participate in Crossover.

    We are set up just slightly differently than a typical MUSH and primarily utilize the Web Portal feature. So it is encouraged you read our Getting Started page!

    We currently offer: Beast, Changeling, Geist, Hunter, Mortal/+, and Vampire

    We are seeking an ST for: Werewolf

    Website: https://obsidianreverie.net/
    Client Connect: obsidianreverie.net Port: 4201

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