Firefly - Still Flyin' ... now in Beta

  • Soapboxers -
    A friend and I have created a new Firefly Mush and just opened for beta! We invite you all to come check things out.

    Our wiki is here:

    Guest access and character creation are now open!

    Connect at 2517

    As you may recall, just about a year ago I came to this forum to try and get people interested in returning to that other Firefly mush. The one with all of the problems. It sparked some good discussion, and got my friend and I working on a new game to provide a fresh start. We're still setting things up and welcome constructive feedback and of course active players.

    Relevant info:

    • it's on PennMush with FS3.
    • we don't plan to do lots of coded systems. we love collaborative storytelling.
    • we've built out a grid for Eavesdown as a central RP hub. we haven't set up other planets yet.
    • we intend to have basic flight code to move ships between planets, nothing fancy. that's not set up yet.
    • we are open for beta. we will do a character reset at the end of the beta period.

    Again, check out our wiki for more, drop us an email with any questions, and come join us in the Verse!

    Osiris (and Kirie and Donna) on FSF
    Serenity: Donna from the Guan-Yin, Yvandra from the Redemption, the current Zoe.

  • Dang. Redemption represent.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Guest access and character creation are now both open for our game. Deets added above.

  • I need to get my character into CG! Been so busy!

  • I love Firefly and have missed it so much, but RL is a hot mess rn so I dunno if/when I'll be around. Need all my mental focus for SGM.

    But I wish y'all all the luck.

  • @Auspice - I totally understand. Hope your RL calms down soon.

  • Firefly - Still Flyin' is open again, and welcomes new guests and characters!

    As many of you saw, we had some recent trouble. @browncoat (Londinium) and I (Osiris) really appreciate the show of support that came about from that unpleasant situation. As was said over on that thread - I'm really glad to see games start to work together to block harassment, for the good of the hobby. We want our game (like any, I'm sure) to be fun and welcoming, and we will do what is necessary to keep it that way. So... troublemakers not welcome. Everyone else, please come check us out!

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