MU Things I Love

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    Having some good memories about raids me and some friends did while on Aetolia/Imperian. Different raids at different times, but the IRE MUDs were fun.

  • I'm pretty often frustrated by this hobby, for a multitude of OOC reasons. But sometimes you'll ask for help from someone you barely interact with except in the strange, also often frustrating place of a board, and they'll give it to you without hesitation, and it becomes very reaffirming, gives you much-needed perspective, and makes you remember why you bother.

    You're good people, @apos. Thanks for the solid. Don't let the bastards get you down.

  • Picking up a character that you've literally been a fan of since FOREVER.

  • Pitcrew

    The twists-and-turns that I could never have predicted that turned a silly little throwaway plot-seed into a super-fun story. I don't know everyone's tags here, but you all know who you are. <3

  • The feeling of finally breaking through weeks of burnout and actually clearing out most of my backlog and getting things moving forward again, and the wonderful people who have been so patient with me as I work through things.

  • A decent ending for a not-always decent guy.

    Good death, would do it again. Definitely.

  • Pitcrew

    Random message from player I haven't interacted with and a character my favorite NPC doesn't know?


    Cross fingers.

    Hope for the best.

    And the best is -awesome-. The scene was SO FUN.

  • Playing in a game run by a friend.

    It's not something I do often. Actually, it's not something I would say I have ever done.

    It has occurred to me before that over the course of playing a game I have happened to befriend staff-members, but that's different, and I have never had the experience, until now, of playing a game run by someone I've known for years prior to be solid people.

    Some would imagine I might want this for special treatment, but no.

    It's just a huge relief after so many bad experiences over the years to know for a fact that the game I'm playing is run by someone trustworthy, genuine, intelligent, entertaining, kind and stable.

    I don't have any doubts and I don't have any worries about when/if I might discover this game and its staff are actually shit and that I might have to walk. I'm not worried about what might happen if I get harassed on this game and don't know how to deal with it. I feel confident and safe from the get. That's a really nice, refreshing change of pace.

    Getting to support a loved one's creation? Added bonus.

  • Pitcrew

    Getting the most perfect responses ever to something silly. <3 <3

  • Pitcrew

    That moment when you get an FI that lays out that you are playing your character exactly the way you intend to. Like, how rewarding is that feeling? It is just the best.

  • @AeriaNyx
    I loooooooooooooove that. Especially with a character that feels tricky to inhabit, they're awesome instant-feedback/occasional gratification.

  • Pitcrew

    Mentioning ONE THING in passing that's happened IC and it turns out it heavily intersected another PC's interest and you had NO IDEA that the other thing existed.

    I still haven't fully recovered from that discussion, because it was that surreal. It's been almost two months since then and I'm still kind of 'well... that was unexpected.'

  • I have had several very good, very emotionally intense scenes over the course of this past week, and also at least one that was amazing comedy. It's just been a great RP week and I am really feeling why this hobby is fun. #blessed??

  • @saosmash
    In these moments I remind myself, 'this isn't every day/week, but when it IS this, this is why I keep doing it.' Been real good. #blessed4you

  • Seeing those first scenes begin to happen on a game you've spent months developing.

    I am so, so happy @Paradox came to me earlier this year with the proposal to open a Stargate game (and he didn't even know that I'd wanted a game just like this for years!). I'm happy we made our goal of opening early August.

    To everyone that's joined so far: thank you. The effort put in (and my going whyyyyyyy at errors I ran into) is already worth it. I only hope I can make your time worth it in the plot that we'll be delivering in the coming days.

  • Pitcrew

    A really really satisfying response to an action.

  • Pitcrew

    Seeing a community start to form around something that came out of bored spit-balling about a haunted hotel. People enjoying the idea and expanding it and connecting to it and making it into a weird fun world. It's cool. I'm enjoying this.

  • @krmbm said in MU Things I Love:

    Seeing a community start to form around something that came out of bored spit-balling about

    ...literally any example, I love this. I love it when games encourage this rather than stomp it by default, too.

  • Being inspired to write plot. I love this mood. I love this mindset.

    I have 3 plots fully sketched out for SGM and I'm working on a 4th.

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