Ninjakitten's Played-List

  • Oh hey, nice bandwagon you got here! ::climbs on::

    1990s, in approximate order:
    TNG TrekMUSE:
    ATS TrekMUSH:
    SW: Brak Sector:
    ...Lilith, I think?
    SW: Minos Cluster
    Probably also Lilith
    Tyche (Bagheera Bastet)
    Hel (Walker[?] Kinfolk)

    I know I'm forgetting several games entirely, mostly Star Trek and Star Wars ones. Probably not that big a loss.

    2000 onward, alphabetically:
    Ashes to Ashes:
    Ivy (Walker Ragabash, 2000-2001)
    Bright Future:
    Serendipity (Nuwisha kin, 2003-2004)
    Cajun Nights:
    Fiona (Mortal, I think? 2000)
    Dark Dominion/Downward:
    Liz (Gnawer kinfolk, 2000)
    Tuesday (Walker Galliard Metis, 2000)
    Eve/Scott (Mortal, 2004-2005)
    Baub (Gnome, 2002)
    Iason (Human, 2002)
    Due Rewards:
    Willow (Giovanni ghoul, 2000-2001)
    Emerald City:
    Zephyr (Mortal, 2002-2003)
    Fear and Loathing:
    Jeremy (Euthanatos Mage, 2001-2002)
    Bernie (Gnawer Ragabash, 2000-2002)
    Raphael (Fang kinfolk, 2003)
    Izzy (Strider Philodox, 2012)
    Felix (Gnawer Galliard, 2015-current)
    David (Satyr kinain, 2002)
    Ineffable Game:
    Legato (2004)
    Mariner's Tale:
    Zenobia (Nuwisha, 2000-2001)
    Adrian (Fianna Galliard, 2002)
    Jai (2010-current)
    Cordelia (Some kind of psychic? 2000)
    Northern Lights:
    Ivy (Walker Ragabash, 2000)
    Northern Rage:
    Zoe (Corax, 2001)
    Paris LFDM:
    Etienne (Mortal, 2002-2003)
    Santo Domini:
    Ivy (Mortal, 2000)
    Shadowed Isles:
    Aidan (Psychic, 2005)
    Star Trek: Darkness Within:
    ...I can't remember. Probably Random again. (Vulcan, sometime between 2010 and 2014. No logs, see what happens?)
    The Dreaming:
    Hegemony (Coyote Pooka, 2006)
    Jeremy (Euthanatos Mage, 2006-2010)
    Hegemony (Coyote Pooka, 2007-2009)
    Drew (Mortal, 2009-2010)
    Matt (Mortal, 2010)

    I'm pretty sure that's all of them (not counting a few games so small I already know where all the other players are) since 2001, anyway. Before that I wasn't logging obsessively and therefore have almost no idea anymore what was going on. Which may be for the best...

    I can't seem to remember half my staff positions anymore (see: not logged), so eh, screw that part. :)

  • Want to know a super trippy thing? There was an Etienne Moreau on TR -- with the same PB, no less.

    I still remember and <3 yours. :)

  • @surreality
    Whoa, really? That IS trippy. What do you think -- really weird coincidence, or subconscious memory or something? Was he similar at all otherwise?

    I reread all my old logs recently, and I'd forgotten just how much I liked our characters' conversations there. *^_^*

  • I was 1000% blissed 'cause I thought it had to be you and all the nope! I mean what are the odds of that?!

  • @surreality
    :blush: I can only apologise! Seriously, that's really weird. Clearly that character is somehow inherently coincidence-attracting, given the whole not-twin thing...

    Someday I'll probably have to give in and start playing nWoD. I've just been too stubborn and/or lazy so far. ...but I miss people.

  • Pitcrew

    By the way, @Ninjakitten a handful of your old LJ friends are playing on GoB, I'm sure they'd love to see you.

  • @il-volpe
    I know several of my friends have been having an awful lot of fun there for quite a while, now. :)

  • Pitcrew

    Oh, how I loved Eve/Scott.

  • @Sunny
    Her interactions with Aine were so much fun. Fighting included. I reread the Denver stuff and got sad about how it ended all over again. Alas...

  • Pitcrew

    We really had sooooooo much fun. Those were the days. /wistful

  • Coder

    @Ninjakitten said:

    Paris LFDM:
    Etienne (Mortal, 2002-2003)

    I almost certain I remember this, even playing a Sidhe at the time as I was.

  • @Thenomain
    ...who were you playing at the time?

  • Coder

    @Ninjakitten said:

    ...who were you playing at the time?

    Some hard-nosed House Dougal Seelie Sidhe smith. I can't remember her name anymore.

  • Pitcrew

    Ashes to Ashes - that's the game!

    I've remembered it vaguely, but couldn't remember what it was called. Don't expect me to remember my character or anything about them.


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