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  • AI Profiling

    Consider this:

    Feed a chatAI the RP and pages of a given predator.
    Now interact with the chatAI as it writes and argues like that predator.
    Word choice, common errors, phrasing. A textual fingerprint if you will.

    Now you can spot a predator or more likely realize that someone you are dealing with is one.

    And they can find you.

    NB: I worked on a natural language processing service when they were asked to create a profile to recognize child predators online. That service could scrape all of Facebook, and thousands of forums, etc a day.

    Our CEO said it was too dangerous.

    NB2 current public chatAI are locked against sexually explicit or threatening language. They can be jailbroken though.

    NB3 - feed it your own staffing sets and emits. Now you can generate things in your style quickly, and edit to better fit the situation. Try it for descs of locations and people.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    @Ghost Shall I call it "Are you Mad Libs?

    Might want to break this off. One offhand comment is fine, but this isnt a thread to derail with my waggery.

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  • RE: Player Action code availability?

    @Devrex I definitely want something that is at least partly abstract and automatic to keep the workload more around handling actions that dont have a good coded analogue.

    Also, I found myself wanting to React to each post on the screen, which tells me I have been using Microsoft Teams too much.

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  • RE: Player Action code availability?

    @hobos I should look into Arx. It is the first oplace using the kind of action economy I am imaggining that I ever saw. I know at least one of the coders ther has been pretty generous and helpful before.

    I havent chosen a code base, because I didnt want to limit my options.

    We shall see!

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  • RE: Ruiz

    @Derp said in Ruiz:

    But I’m also not an idiot, and people like TNP and Tez aren’t coming here to engage in good faith. They’re just coming here to fling shit because they can, and I have no intention of being so bound up in bureaucratic red tape that I just shrug and go ‘but what can you do? Rules.’

    Yes, I have such a track record of posting merely to fling shit. To correct your mischaracterization, I did not 'come here'. In fact, I never left and would check the board every day. As a rule, I do not post unless I have something to say and that hadn't occurred here in quite some time. Which is unsurprising since this board is, for all intents and purposes, dead unless someone reading Brand Mu Day brings something over here to cause controversy.

    It's a safe bet that this thread has more posts in it than those made in all other threads combined since The Great Banning. And on that note, I have nothing further to say so shall truly depart and let you all fade into irrelevancy, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    Some day I shall create a wiki that has statements, counter statements, and thread logs, and game logs.

    It will have a section for active predators, and for people who routinely damage without a plan or intent.

    It will have MU* player posting tropes.

    Ideally, people will be able to annnotate conversations with trope names much like games of chess are recorded, or logical fallacies. Or enticement scripts.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    It's not an accusation if it's conjecture. Spoken like a true weasel. You all deserve each other.

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  • RE: Ruiz

    I’m not answering because I think you’ll actually believe me, I’m answering so Bess and Hobos don’t have to keep having a circular conversation with you all.

    No. I didn’t TS Isaac. I RP’d all of once with him where I was acting as GM and was busy having a vampire spray other characters in the scene with pepper spray. For the record, I didn’t TS anyone on my game. Ever since people accused me of TSing a staff NPC that my character was actively plotting to kill I have stopped TSing random people and only rarely engage and only with people I’ve known for a while. Huh, it just hit me I was talking about TR but that applies to Arx too…

    I’m really tired of this particular community using the fact that I engaged in sexual RP in the past to shame me or question my judgments.

    The slutshaming you have going on here is all too familiar. I also have literally no idea what Derp is talking about how I have banned him from games because I wanted his TS partner, but he won’t provide receipts so idec.

    Now, this is literally the last of my attention I’m giving any of you.

    Just so we’re clear, @reimesu @Ghost @Derp @Ganymede Do me a favor, and don’t come around to any game I run in the future. Because you won’t be welcome.

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  • RE: 2023: Dead Celebs pt 2, Electric Boogaloo.

    @Ghost said in 2023: Dead Celebs pt 2, Electric Boogaloo.:

    @Misadventure Yeah, Zavala(sp?). Wonderful voice actor.


    It is terrible to in any way reduce a person down to so little, but that little thing was lots of enjoyable time (and in a vague way part of my worklife).

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  • Player Action code availability?

    TLDR; is there an action and sheet tracking code available for modification out there, like Arx or various RPIs have?

    I am interested in a coded mechanism for players to describe their actions to be collected periodically (like weekly), track used resources and applied against a recorded object the actions are meant to influence.

    • So it could be the worlds slowest conflict, adding buffs to allies, debuffs to opposition , tracking against resistance and counter measures etc etc.

    • It could be building a structure or an organization.

    • It could be social influences and public events affecting individual, group, organization or cultural reputations and values.

    • It might be used to affect markets for a mercantile exploration trader game (Firefly, pirates, frontiersy stuff etc).

    • It could be used for research, experimentation, investigation.

    I know some RPI type places probably have very involved code for similar, and like Arx where its a mix of some of the things I listed.

    Ideally this would be able to use recorded sheets for PCs, NPCs, businesses, organizations, structures under player and NPC control etc.

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