@Misadventure I think that might depend on the players in this particular instance, the 50's flare kind of stuff. As far as I'm concerned, I'm more into providing the environment, and seeing what the players do with it, in regards to flare. Definitely more into the survival aspects than the rebuilding, myself. Or, at least rebuilding on a smaller, more extended scale. Been on a few games in the past that totally destroyed the fun of the post-apocalypse genre for me, by everything getting put back together in a month or two, in tip top shape. That said, for game system, I think we're leaning toward the Exodus system, though we're considering nWoD as well, if only because the later is more familiar to the two of us. I know this is pretty vague at this point, but personally, I'd like a good mix of drama/combat things. Mystery and intrigue is good! I prefer a good mystery over hack n' slash most of the time. So we'll see where that goes. Going to try to keep some updates coming for those folks who are interested, when we get some more things set in stone. We just need to find a coder who's interested! :)