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  • Pitcrew

    A couple of thoughts.

    The KH series, as an overall whole is a steaming pile of garbage in the story department. Everything else it does; controls, looks, interface, skills, and abilities is just plain gold. Now, if only they had a decent, or at the very least understandable story to go along with it. But instead they just follow the cryptically written notes that Nomura sends to the writing team from his isolation chamber. So I won't be playing KH3, but I will admire it for good it looks and plays.

    As far as Anthem goes, I'd be willing to try the game out when the open beta starts, but I'm keeping my expectations for it, very, very low.

  • Update on Dekker:

    In the Argo mission, the opposition's Quickdraw pounded my Blackjack, sending one of my better gunners to the ground. I had to send in Dekker in his Spider to cause a commotion, which he did by attacking a Shadow Hawk from behind.

    The Shadow Hawk and Quickdraw were not amused, and gang-pounded the Spider into the dirt. Dekker took 4 injuries.

    Still. Did. Not. Die.

    At least he'll have a modified Jenner (-2 M Lasers; +2 J Jets; add. armor) to roam around in when he wakes up in 100 days.

  • Tutorialist

    Resident Evil 2 remake!

    I got it for an early birthday present. My inner middle school child is dancing right now.

  • I just tried out the demo for Crying Suns.

    Very FTL influenced, the demo is only the 'first sector' but I am deeply impressed by the graphics, atmosphere and general tone. The gameplay probably does need some tweaking but one key thing is that you REALLY want to upgrade your fuel gathering as soon as you have the scrap available.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ganymede I know I will upset some folks, but my reaction to this little thing is still:

    kill it with fire

    ETA: I played since day one, Dekker was my first KIA. For the first two play-through attempts.

  • Pitcrew

    @Thenomain I didn't think the MB/Mouse was total crap in playing it during the Alpha but the game does need some work. Mostly the yaw sometimes was irksome.

    Since you brought it up. RIP Andromeda, I had such high hopes for you.

  • Pitcrew

    I was anticipating not to like Anthem however after playing the demo all night last night and this morning I'm soooooo much enjoying the crafting system.

    PEW PEW!

  • @Templari said in General Video Game Thread:

    Since you brought it up. RIP Andromeda, I had such high hopes for you.

    mass effect andromeda

  • I do not understand my brother.

    We have dipped back into Minecraft on a friend's server and he has apparently mined 31 diamonds already, but his house does not yet have a roof. Priorities!

  • It's official:

    I am going to play the ass off of Anthem.

  • @Ghost I presently have a lot of feelings about certain parts of the Anthem storyline.

  • @Sparks A lot of good feelings?

  • @Ghost said in General Video Game Thread:

    @Sparks A lot of good feelings?

    Let's just say that right now, I'm emotionally invested in a particular part of the storyline.

  • @Ghost said in General Video Game Thread:

    I am going to play the ass off of Anthem.


    Nothing is superior to BattleTech for me at the moment. Sorry. Nothing is more fun than ruining other 'mechs with my Beefcake (Dragon with Arm Mod ++ and SRM goodness).


  • @Sparks said in General Video Game Thread:


    Nnnghhh, don't make me want to play this bog-standard squad-based co-op.

  • Pitcrew

    My feelings on Anthem.

    Things I liked:
    Combat is fun.
    Flight is pretty cool.

    Things I didn't like:
    Storyline is absolute dogshit.
    Missions are repetitious. Way more so than Destiny 2.
    The scenery, while very pretty, doesn't offer a lot of variety.
    Load screens like whoa.
    Characters are one dimension and bland.
    The script is cringey is fuck.

    The main campaign is gated behind four very lengthy and inane grind fests that should've been optional side quests as opposed to being something you're forced to do. And in the end, all you do after is more or less flip a switch and maybe get two or three items that are not worth the hours investment I put in just to get to that point. It was soul-wrenching.

    My end thoughts is, if it wasn't a Bioware game, it'd be what I'd expect from EA. But it's Bioware and thus, my expectations, while already low to begin with, were more or less confirmed.

    It's disappointingly average. When I boil it down, there's not a lot going for it, or to write home about.

  • Admin

    Do you know how sometimes you hate to be on the same side of an argument as some people?

    I'm an avid WoW player and I more than agree there are issues with this expansion on many levels, but damn if the negativity online isn't getting to me.

    Case in point, there was a Reddit thread this morning in which someone was asking "hey, I want to roll a new alt for arenas, would you recommend a Mage or Warlock?".

    There were 9 replies on that question. Four of them - by different people - were variations of "this game sucks, go play something else, it's circling the drain".

    Like, fuck off people.

  • @Testament
    I was going to drop my thoughts on here but you summed it up pretty well. As far as recommending games goes, I'd recommend Anthem as a skip. Not worth the time or money investment.

    On the other hand I wish they had put as much effort into the character models for Andromeda that they did for Anthem.

  • Pitcrew

    @Arkandel I'm not telling anyone to not play it, though? I was just detailing my impressions from playing the game for about 30 hours or so and I felt like I was able to give a somewhat coherent quick review of what I thought.

    It doesn't suck, it's just....average. And for how much I love Bioware and the games they've made in the past, this is probably the weakest entry they've made since, I guess, ever? Because I'm one of those lunatics that defends Andromeda for not being as bad as people think it is.

    I went in hoping to be proven wrong, because goddamn did I want to be proven wrong. The game has redeemable factors, there's just a number of others that do it better. Warframe notably and for the most part, Destiny 2(for it's own idiotic faults).

  • @Testament said in General Video Game Thread:

    and for the most part, Destiny 2(for it's own idiotic faults)

    And D2, since Bungie was given back control (they got story and directional control back before Activision got the official boot), vastly improved. It probably hurt the Anthem release more since Anthem wanted to be this whole 'We're the counter to Destiny!' ...even tho they aren't the same thing. They just wanted that playerbase.

    I will say some of my D2 clan is playing Anthem, but some of them are also playing Apex.

    I didn't get a chance to actually play Anthem during the beta due to all the bugs. I just got to wander around the town area, interact with people, but goddamn I felt underwhelmed by it. Mostly because.... shit. Look, I know Bioware has their reasons for using the same engine. Okay. I've had that discussion countless times. It doesn't make me any less disappointed that they're using the same engine. That the game looks three years old already. Maybe the Javelins look better and in combat they look better (again: I didn't get that far thanks to the 'eternal loading screen bug'), but oh god the town/people look like an old game and that's not what I really want out of something that just launched Q1 2019.

    Also, the menu fucking pissed me off.
    Fuck that menu system.

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