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    Some people are just determined to hate others, I've noticed. There's some real, imagined or unintentional slight, IC or OOC, and then it becomes their goal to /destroy/ you. There's not much you can do about it save try to ignore it.

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    @vulgarkitten said in Buttercup's Playlist:

    Some people are just determined to hate others, I've noticed. There's some real, imagined or unintentional slight, IC or OOC, and then it becomes their goal to /destroy/ you. There's not much you can do about it save try to ignore it.

    MUing in a nutshell, right there.

  • @vulgarkitten People tend to, at least from what I've experienced, invest far too much into their characters so that any slight against the character is clearly a slight against the player. And when one plays an antagonistish character, the player must also therefore be antagonistic - no matter how nice they are. Because players are dumb.

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    Ah damn. perrach here. Sorry I didn't get a chance to scene with Abbas.

    Hope to meet up with ya again in the new face.

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    I am a bit relieved to be done with him in some sense. There is a large gap in immaturity where players associate characters with their players. I had seen a lot of it and understand this is a natural tendency for any medium like this. I took Tovell (the pious and dutiful knight) off the roster to sort of just compare experiences. I kept my use of him pretty much unknown and the difference in how I was treated as a player was amazing. Some of the same people that were crap OOCly to me with one alt were friendly, welcoming, and utterly different on the unstated alt. I enjoyed the OOC experience of playing a good-guy far far more.

    In fairness to that, there's a marked difference between outright hostility ooc and just people being guarded, though. If someone is an antagonist, a lot of people just aren't comfortable being extremely communicative ooc because they feel they could be considered disingenuous if they then need to work contrary to you, or want to avoid ooc pressure over IC decisions. Anyone can be really friendly and chill when they know there is absolutely nothing at stake for doing so, and I tend to pay closer attention to the people that are that way when they know their own characters are at risk.

    I honestly try to be OOCly friendlier when I play meaner characters.

    ^ This.

    If someone is playing an antagonistic character and is also openly and freely nice OOC, either on public channels or in the OOC room or what have you, I'm going to assume that they're a very cool person I'm happy to interact with -- and may even especially enjoy RPing with, because I know that IC animosity isn't going to bleed over. (Fun fact: this is actually how I went from being casual RP acquaintances to online friends to offline friends with my partner of ten years.)

    But I've also played (and staffed) on enough games in the last 19 years to have had plenty of run-ins with the sort of players that very much enjoy being dicks and kicking over other people's sandcastles for funsies, because they think they're so clever and devious and awesome-er than you, mwahahaha. As a result? If someone playing an antagonist does not seem openly OOCly friendly and cool, I'm not going to go out of my way to be awful to them... but I'm also probably not going to go out of my way to be friendly and nice to them and invite them to stuff, either, just as a general rule. No one wants to be the person that brought the jerk that ruins the party.

    With that said, I never interacted with Abbas IC or OOC, though admit one of my characters loathed him by reputation. So the above is not a reflection on him in any way, but more a general comment re: RP experiences.

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    I met Abbas IC but once. He set his own dick on fire.

    Rest In Peace, you glorious bastard.

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    @buttercup I've gotten to see Abbas develop from different angles over his run in Arx. You've always been amazing at portraying the character and the livelihood he and the Reavers developed with time. He'll be missed and I hope you stick around in some form or another in Arx.

  • RIP Abbas
    The Man
    The Myth
    The Ladykiller

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    When dealing with characters who are antagonistic to me or who I might have to work in direct opposition to (or against whom I'm already working in direct opposition), I find the number of people who can handle that and also be friendly oocly is very, very small. There's often that level of "oh, you betrayed me/my character, I thought we were friends!" that is shitty because I try really hard not to talk about IC things OOCly. (I don't always succeed but I do try) So often if I'm friendly oocly it's not until after the player has proven their ability to deal with a shitty hand and not freak the fuck out, and until that happens I'm standoffish.

    Also, you were a good Tovell. You'll be missed.

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    Added Philippe as I play him every now and again and looking to start mushing a little again, Changed Arx to 'none' as after Abbas I ended up walking away. I started and made 'Dario' but some circumstances had me just deuce out from the game and take a break from the new House.

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    @buttercup It's great to have you on the game. Keep up the awesome RP, and yeah it's true. Never met someone as OOC polite and nice, apologizing for the IC gruffness of speech and actions.