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  • @arkandel A team's culture is more important to me than their win/loss ratio. I'd rather not have the Ball family anywhere near the Spurs.

    And Leonard's attitude is cancerous. Maybe we'll take Cousins next year if he can prove to be a mature adult for his one year on the Warriors (and his output hasn't dropped too far).

    Spurs are gonna lose with Leonard any way they trade him if you take him at face value. His output when he was willing to play? Phenomenal. But right now? Kuzma + Hart + Picks is /more than fair/ for a player who won't play.

  • @admiral said in The Basketball Thread:

    If you can't work with Pop then there is no other coach in the league you can rely on.

    More to the point, if you can't play with Pop than no other sane coach in the league is going to take you on.

  • @arkandel said in The Basketball Thread:

    There's really nothing wrong with Lonzo other than his shot, and even that is fixable. He's quite young, and at times he's shot well. You're thinking of his dad, but what is he supposed to do about that? We don't choose our relatives.

    That's Lonzo's problem, unfortunately. And then that of anyone that chooses to sign him. Traditionally plenty of teams have passed on players because of the drama they bring with him. In this unique case, the drama comes from the player's family rather than the player himself, but it is still plenty of drama. The shit his dad stirred up in LA is far worth passing on Ball. Telling the media that the coach has lost the locker room? Psh... Lonzo Ball isn't worth it. He's proven to be an average starter. The drama is even worse coming from the dad because you can't do much about the dad. You can't bench him, fine him, nothing. But the dad can say what he wants when he wants - which wouldn't be so bad for most player's family, except LaVar's got all this media exposure (for some reason). And his diarrhea of the mouth carries.

    I actually really wanted Lonzo to fail because I was tired of hearing his dad and seeing him everywhere, but every time I see Lonzo I actually feel really bad about those thoughts because he actually seems like a decent guy just who has a shit situation with an asshole dad.

    Now that the other brothers have failed in Lithuania, hopefully the Ball family drama will go away and Lonzo can just be himself for a while and play basketball.

    But yeah, I'd definitely pass on Ball until he gets much better, the drama has proven to be gone, or he comes out stronger publicly against the crap his father says (which he's currently been unwilling to do).

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    @ganymede I think it's a really bad move.

    Demar had his issues but he was as loyal as it comes - he stayed with Toronto through its worse years, and he was a multiple time All Star. He loved the city. And the Raptors have issues getting players to want to come here... now we are trading the guy who did.

    Whether Kawhi stays (which is unlikely, since he said it himself) or goes it's a bad idea. I just hope they trade him to the Lakers for some young talent or picks instead of letting him simply walk in a year with nothing.

  • @arkandel said in The Basketball Thread:

    I think it's a really bad move.

    I don't think it is a good move. I'm still trying to figure out the logic behind it.

    I think Ujiri is feeling the heat. He was probably forced to fire Casey, because it made no sense to remove the guy that led your team to its best record, and the best record in the East, by empowering and actually deploying a bench of backups that were good enough to give starting rosters a fight.

    As such, he's in win-now mode. Getting Leonard does that. Leonard really has no option at this point but to play now and play hard because he's coming off a poor season and an allegedly-nagging injury. When he does that, the Raptors may try to leverage the performance, but, by then, they'd have already burned their bridge with Lowry.

    This reminds me of the time when the Penguins traded Jagr, which ended up working in the long run in its favor.

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    @ganymede said in The Basketball Thread:

    I don't think it is a good move. I'm still trying to figure out the logic behind it.

    See, I interpret this the other way - that this is a hedged bet between competing and rebuilding.

    If Kawhi is who he was before the injury and he re-signs next year then, well, he's obviously a considerable upgrade over DeRozan.

    If he's not as good or he decides to leave then there's suddenly a lot of salary cap space (especially since Lowry and Valanciunas' contacts expire at that time) to go into a full rebuild.

    What I don't understand is why they didn't just trade DMDR for picks, straight-up... that part could be the hope that Kawhi himself might, somehow, pay off.

  • @arkandel

    We're only 15-16 games, in, but:

    • With Leonard, the Raptors have the best record in the league. They used to be 12-1, but 12-3 isn't so bad.

    • The Spurs are 7-7, but are looking good with DMDR in a very competitive West.

    So, as I said before:

    "Well, it's not LeBron James, but I did say that the Raptors could be very competitive if they just added a marquis player to their roster."

    Lowry is 1st in the league in assists right now. Just about every player's stats are above their average marks. And who expected Pascal Siakam to tear it up as he has? Plus, you still have that deep bench that's currently rated No. 2.

    Looks like everyone benefited. For this season.

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    @ganymede I agree, but wait until the Raptors go deeper into the season. Lowry has a history with nagging injuries (and he's not getting any younger), plus part of the hot start could be explained by a streak of home games and the competition in the East not yet having figured their shit out.

    Boston is too good to be this bad... and the Sixers with Butler could be a thing. Plus, you know, the freakin' Bucks are on a mission this year.

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    Well, Boogie is back so now the Warriors are running 5 All-Stars.

    I guess that's that for this season.

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    Rise, rise from the dead!

    What the Bucks did to the Pistons last night was filthy.

  • Pitcrew

    I love Bledsoe so I'm all about the Bucks. MVP nod should go that way too.

    It's another Golden State year though.

    My Suns apathy continues. I watch at least half the games and each year I question myself. But I still go on.

  • @buttercup said in The Basketball Thread:

    It's another Golden State year though.

    I wouldn't be too sure of that, judging by what's going on in the NHL playoffs.

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