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    @kanye-qwest You can tell who the clique is by who upvotes every single post in this thread praising the game.

    Yeah, glad I left. You guys can fuck right off.

    Even a cursory glance through this page alone betrays that this statement is factually incorrect, just FYI.

    A cursory glance through this thread is inconclusive.

    And while I would love to see you, Admiral and Seamus have a discussion about the pros and cons, I'm hating to point out that this is the Advertisement thread.

    (edit: I hate to point it out because the last few posts have been nothing more than "nuh-uh"/"is so" haterism/fanboyism, and an Actual Discussion Would Be Useful. But no. Alas.)

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    In an attempt to take this into more constructive ground, the problem really centers around a few things, all of which I've mentioned before and have been working to address.

    First, this game goes a LOT faster than most, and as a result casual players can easily fall behind and feel left out. This second story, I've slowed things down some, but it can still feel like you're out of the loop if you can only RP once a week or so. This means that the players who are on the most and most active tend to be in the middle of everything, regardless of the role they've been given, because they're on and finding ways to get involved. These are what are being termed the "cool kids".

    It really has nothing to do with me giving them better roles or more hooks - for instance, we're doing an Aliens story, and every single Weyland-Yutani scientist dealing with the black goo and potential xenomorph are new players in their first story. By comparison, who are the most active players? A dock worker, a security contractor for a mining ship, and a former marine guarding the Weyland-Yutani crew, who has noped the hell out of their project. So if you feel that moving cargo, guarding rocks and running AWAY from the heart of the story are the prime roles, uh... okay? But they ARE the ones on the most, doing the most, and that's because of the effort they put in. Other players aren't as active - and that's NOT a knock on them - and are still pretty involved.

    It's a fast-moving game. Activity has advantages. That's just how things work.

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    @kanye-qwest You can tell who the clique is by who upvotes every single post in this thread praising the game.

    Yeah, glad I left. You guys can fuck right off.

    I upvote pretty much every damned thing in this thread because I wholeheartedly support this game, the ideas behind it, and how hard Botulism works to keep things moving; that if something goes wrong, she owns it without juvenile whining or complaint, and works her dang ass off to improve. We need more of this in the hobby, not less. No one makes no mistakes, and the real proof of someone's personal character is what they do when it happens. Botulism has shown herself to be someone who takes responsibility, listens, asks for feedback in an open, public, and even-handed way, and works hard to do better the next time.

    Full disclosure: I'm 'The Visionary' over there.

    Yep, I absolutely got to do something really cool in the first story. Then my character died while I was asleep RL not twelve hours later and I was 100% down with that. I'd gotten to do a cool thing and wanted to make sure I was out of the way of everyone else getting their chance to do a cool thing, too. I'm in the low key group this time as well -- by request -- for the same reasons, and because I'm still catching up with and debugging stuff with the wiki, and felt like contributing what little I can to a project I believe is great and has a lot of promise was a more important way to spend my time this round than lookin' for some kind of virtual glory.

    Still gonna upvote all the positivity in the thread, and examples of intelligent questions and well-intentioned critique/etc. 'Heather' me for it all you like.

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    Activity has advantages.

    ...and this may sound 'duh', but it's not: the main advantage of activity is... activity.

    There have only been a handful of event scenes, but there are a lot of scenes being roleplayed. The latter -- like any game -- is the bulk of the RP occurring.

    Doing something means you're getting to do something. It's not some mysterious formula to crack, nobody has to invite you, you don't need to sacrifice a goat to Baal. Really. Honest. Grab somebody idling and available and say, "Hey, let's find a thing to do!" and odds are pretty good that your characters or one of your SRs has some means of connecting up somewhere to do something. It may not be world-altering, no, but most of the things going on that 'the "lucky/favored/blessed" people' are doing aren't world-altering. They're having conversations, they're going out for drinks, they're -- gasp, horror -- engaging in BaRP. All things any hypothetical you can do, too.

    Seriously, if anybody out there is envious of BaRP, I have a ridiculous flirt bot that will be happy to keep you company and talk serious philosophy with you while not being able to turn off her Jessica Rabbit programming for a hot second while the WTF compounds by the second. (Alas, not a stripper ninja. Sorry if this disappoints.) Want a chance to audition for the casino stage? Hit me up! Wanna throw a drink on a notorious jerk who let most of a colony mission die? Poke me; that SR's suits are still too clean, and if you're W-Y seeking a living, breathing cautionary tale to talk to to try to warn you away from impending disaster (to no avail)? He'd love to talk to you. Need a mousy wandering tech geek? Page at will. Plain-spoken grumpy cat in leather? Same deal. Want to philosophize about synths at arcane length? All the <3 to you, please page!

    If this is what you're missing -- and it is the bulk of what's going on when there's not a large event scene being run for a group -- I will happily be your huckleberry if I'm available.

    I only bite on the forum. <3

  • @surreality Hey, which you are you? I'm one of those who are not as active in non-plot scenes as I'd like because my life keeps kicking me in the nads, but you put an offer like out there, I should try to answer! But either you haven't mentioned or I suck at name-connecting and I don't have any idea who @surreality is in game.

  • @ixokai Pandora/Visionary (formerly Dahlia in the Isle story). SRs are Adlai Kolvek, Mia, and Kira.

    I am pretty sure I'm the one that makes sure your M&Ms are properly sorted IC; Pandora's the talent manager (read: a synth that is impossible to offend as performers throw vases at her in fits of pique) at the Eclipse, so we have easy excuses to hang out and do stuff!

  • @surreality said in Horror MUX:

    @ixokai Pandora/Visionary (formerly Dahlia in the Isle story). SRs are Adlai Kolvek, Mia, and Kira.

    I am pretty sure I'm the one that makes sure your M&Ms are properly sorted IC; Pandora's the talent manager (read: a synth that is impossible to offend as performers throw vases at her in fits of pique) at the Eclipse, so we have easy excuses to hang out and do stuff!

    Hah! Good call. Okay, yes, I will poke you today. I dunno if it'd be more fun to meet with Eve or Bailey and talk ABOUT Eve, but we will see.

  • @ixokai I'm still out of the loop today, but should be on tomorrow. (Medication, giving it its time, just in case, and finishing helping my mother move her studio around in emergency mode -- they had a roof leak problem that's eaten me all week as we go through all of her stuff and wash and sort what's live and what's waterlogged to death. All I need is for the fainting to kick in mid-scene or something, right? Heh.) Should be around all Sunday and after that as well. If luck holds, I may be able to be around tonight. I would LOVE to get more of the Eclipse folks together in general, since everyone we have actually is great from all I've seen of the players involved.

    I would really love that, especially since IC Pandora is a HUGE fan of all things arts; she pretty much worships creativity (as much as a synth can worship anything) as it's one of those things they really just can't do, so it's something she reveres enormously. She's one of those big-eyed fangirl sorts of all the artists and performers 'cause to her, that may as well be actual magic. :D Another reason she's happy to run around sorting M&Ms. ;)

  • How active are things at late night US times?

  • @saulot Probably predictably, more on the weekends from what I've seen than during the week. Many of the planned events are earlier night (around 8pm EST) and don't run too late into the night, but people tend to be around and willing to play later than that. The people typically willing to do pick-up scenes and run with an idea do tend to be around chatting late into the night and are awake and available and usually willing to do stuff.

    It's probably worth peeking in during the hours you're considering for a few nights to see what's going on around then, though, for the best readout. (People are pretty chill and will hang with guests in a non-awkward way, fwiw. So if you did this, it wouldn't be suddenly the land of awkweird silence, and you might be able to establish a few hooks to jump in with if you pick up one of the roles in the process.)

  • Pitcrew

    If Toby and Claire see this (or if any of you know them!), I REALLY need them for a scene on Wednesday. :D BB 8/10 explains. Thanks!

  • Pitcrew

    I'm on at those times, so they CAN be quite active, even for plot. There's decent RP to be had at night, US.

  • Pitcrew

    Alien: Mutation is still ongoing! I've been sick and RL has been an asshole so I can't personally speak for how far along we are in the story...


    The next story has been revealed! Prosperity's Price! We're goin' back in time. Old West style y'all. There are all sorts of new rules and changes coming into this story only, so come and take a peek if you are at all curious! I really like the Perks and Quirks myself.

  • Still having a ton of fun despite RL limiting the amount of free time I have to RP.

  • Pitcrew

    Man, I'm very sorry I missed the alien story but I think I'll give the Prosperity story a try. My RP times are weird but it looks too cool to pass up!

  • Pitcrew


    There's still a few weeks of Alien left. I figure the Western will start early October.

  • Pitcrew

    /me upvotes every post in here.

    /me doesn't play on this game.

    I support mayhem.

  • @haven There is mayhem IC! ...but people are actually pretty cool OOC.

    We almost all blew up yesterday, I mean. If that doesn't count as mayhem, I don't know what does. (It was fucking amazing.)

    You really should check it out. There's more roles available at the moment than there have been in a while, since things just got cleaned up/the idle have been swept over the past day or two.

  • Pitcrew

    @surreality I am legitimately afraid of horror themes. Is it 'pee your pants a little bit' scary?

  • @haven In fairness, it can be scary! Though it's not like... edgelordy gorefest, IMHO. If you peek at some of the logs, it should give you a good idea of the range.

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