The WOIN RPG System

  • It's not quite a universal system but the What's Old Is New series of games is really good, IMO, and certainly worth a look for those looking for a system that handles fantasy, modern, and sci-fi really well. They also have a ton of sourcebooks for popular lines with the serial numbers filed off(Lost Boys/From Dusk till Dawn, Ghostbusters, Firefly, Aliens). They're also having a pretty decent sale on DTRPG right now. If you're interested they can be found WOIN.

  • Has anyone tried the Judge Dredd RPG using this system? I think they're planning some other 2000 AD franchise games with it, too (I expect a Strontium Dog one to appear next...).

  • Pitcrew

    @fatefan That or possibly Rogue Trooper, since that's Duncan Jones' next film project.

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