Section 14 Teaser

  • ....
    Anomaly Detected...
    Estimated Coordinates: 40.738730, -73.987413, -20 Meters.
    Prognostication Engine: On-Line
    Estimated Time Till Incursion: 17 hours 2 minutes
    Estimated Resolution Assets Required: 6
    Resolution Assets Available: Insufficient
    Contingency Asset Subsystem: On-Line
    Soul Acquired...
    Implanting Geas:
    Asset Indoctrination Commencing:
    ...Protocol1: Implanted
    ...Protocol2: Implanted
    ...Protocol3: Implanted
    ...WelcomeToSection14: Implanted
    Asset Acquisition Complete: Resuming Resolution
    Resolution Target Hosts Required: 6
    Downloading Resolution Assests to Hosts
    ....Target Host lost...
    Verifying Resolution Asset...Ghost Soul Recovery Complete.
    Alternate Target Host Acquired...Resuming Resolution Asset Downloads...
    Download Complete...
    Physical Assets onsite...
    Estimated Time Till Incursion: 14 hours 53 minutes

    You wake to full consciousness in your new Host...crap...a drug addict with the needle already prepped...
    The extreme probability of an overdose would be an easy way out of the next 14 hours...if only Protocol 1 would let you...

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  • Ooooh, Travelers? Sounds rad!

  • As stated in another thread, this will be a smaller scale (maybe growing with time) Modern Day Paranormal Covert Operations type game inspired by The Secret World, the Laundry Files book series, and the Netflix Travelers show. The game will likely include disturbing topics such as torture or human sacrifice and be fairly "dark" most of the time.

    Players will take on the role of Agents that have (most often) been conscripted into working for Section 14 as investigators, troubleshooters, or cannon fodder that are sent to counter the horrors behind the curtain of the mundane. At the beginning of each mission, Agents' souls are injected into available Hosts (mundane humans that are near the mission objective and have a high probability of imminent death due to some magically alterable medical condition, accident or other trauma). Transfers are never wholly complete, however, so, much of the physical and mental capabilities available to the Agent for that mission will depend on the selected Host. In the event a Host dies while possessed by an Agent's Ghost, the remnants of the Agent's Soul will be collected and returned to Assets at Headquarters for debriefing. Please make sure your next-of-kin beneficiary documents are on-file and up to date before being selected for any field operations.

    Players will be able to choose either a newly indoctrinated Ghost (This is probably not the Afterlife you were looking for) or can app in as a veteran once a decent backstory is worked out and you will be granted a pool of xp debt with which to create a suitable Agent (every odd future XP is then spent to repay the debt).

    I am most familiar with Evennia so I will most likely be starting with that as my base, but I have not yet selected a gaming system to run with. I am expecting this to start out as more of a "Weekly TableTop" feel and expand as my Lead Storyteller skills grow and the playerbase becomes more comfortable/knowledgeable of the custom lore.

  • Just a note that I am nearing the finish line for coding and expect to probably go into alpha testing in a week or two.

  • I think this is a cool, smart idea. Secret World is the shit.

  • Pitcrew Banned

    This post is deleted!

  • Banned

    Any updates @friarzen ?

  • is up and running but is still pretty much empty of a usable grid. I forgot to factor in my job's yearly Disaster Recovery Exercise event that happened at the beginning of this month to my 3-week-ish estimate, so my free time got eaten by life. So, I'm still mostly where I was a month ago.

    Edited to correct the link.

  • So, I am going to put this project away and move on. It seems the Cthulhuian Mythos is now a bit of a polarizing game topic and I just don't feel like explaining again and again (before the game even opened) that yes, I know Lovecraft was a racist asshole and no I don't approve of that (I am an adult and can, in fact, separate the two).
    Oh well, I'll leave the code available over on github for anyone that wants to use it/derive from it.

  • Pitcrew

    Its part of the endless, overwrought culture wars. During the protestant reformation, they burned pretty much all the catholic art of Europe they could get their hands on in places; its a similar thing. Toss out anything that doesn't meet the standards of 2019, meanwhile we have a world where we have a 50x loss of life at the base of the foodchain, climate change, actual literal non-metaphorical concentration camps on the southern border, etc.

    But...apparently ranting about a guy who died of starvation-induced cancer a hundred years ago is a greater priority????? Lovecraft is going nowhere.

    I'd encourage you to wait until you feel passion for this again and give it another ago. It sounded amazing.

  • I will second that. I was looking forward to it. I wanted to live in the crazy world that is Lovecraft. I still watch "To Cast A deadly Spell" often just for the wacky fun of it.

  • Pitcrew

    @secretfire i mean you almost had a point until the "BUT CLIMATE CHANGE IS THE REAL PROBLEM". By that argument we shouldn't be roleplaying anywhere, about anything. We should be playing games, or even wasting time online. This logic breaks down immediately.

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