• The year is 2019, life has been carrying on as much as everyone knows. Elections have been won, economies have grown and fallen. The government has conducted quiet experiments through the decades that have seen successes and have seen failures. One of these failures was conducted in 1994 when an object of unknown material called a Stargate was activated successfully and a team was sent through. After three days, no contact was received and the Stargate was unable to be reactivated. A quiet memorial was held and the project was mothballed.

    Twenty years later, new information has been uncovered and the project was restarted at the urging of elements within the Government. The initial attempt to establish a connection was successful and a team was sent through once again: a gateway to the universe has been opened and Earth is stepping through.

    StargateMUSH is a ‘Year One’ game where characters have been recently recruited to a secret government project. Set in the universe of the movie and television shows, the game will include elements from these sources but by no means will follow their events. Will you be an Air Force Officer leading a team, a Marine Expeditionary Soldier, a civilian scientist, or a diplomat specializing in first contact? There is a universe out there to discover full of potential and danger for humanity.

    Our website can be found at Point your client to 1994.

  • Very excited for this.

  • Pitcrew

    I'll have to learn Ares stuff finally, but I'm looking forward to it!

  • From a player's standpoint, there's not much to learn Ares wise. It mimics most MU* commands quite nicely. The biggest thing I found for people transitioning over is learning the scene system(which is totally worth it). :)

  • I do feel obligated to share my favorite SG meme of all time:
    alt text

  • Pitcrew

    @ZombieGenesis I don't really expect it to be hard, I just have managed to avoid it so far and it's new and different! I haven't gone out of my way to avoid it just nothing I've wanted to play that uses it ;)

  • Pitcrew

    The Wiki is lovely and functional, with an appropriately professional aesthetic. And the information contained within is excellent.

    Well done!

  • one more thing

    The following are on Hulu:
    Stargate (the 1994 film, which is where our game branches off)
    Stargate SG-1
    Stargate Atlantis
    Stargate Universe

    So for anyone unfamiliar (or needing a refresher course!) with the setting, you can binge your heart out.

  • And we are officially open. 1994

    The wiki got some organizational cleanup today and a CG guide has been added (for anyone who checked things out over the past week!).

  • Pitcrew


    I am so sad this is opening up the same week I officially go back to school... I can't do a new game now. :(

  • Update: I'd done a dumb and broke guest logins which broke ... a lot of things.

    It's fixed now, sorry about that.

  • Hey! We're nearing the end of 'Season 1' and there's been a lot of big things in the past week or so.

    We could absolutely use some NERDS (aka Science characters), particularly: biologists, engineers, and physicists. If this is something that interests you, feel free to stop in and check the place out.

    There is still always room for air force and marine PCs as well as other civilian contractor types. I'm still occasionally running my 'asynchronous portal plots and we have players in the UK and Australia which means there's almost always someone around looking for RP.

    To get an idea of what's been going on, I suggest looking at the 'Weekly Updates' board, where @Paradox and I post on a weekly basis (this week's is a day behind since I was sick this past week and he had RL things over the weekend) to keep people in the loop about what's going on IC and OOC.

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