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    One of them was the 7th Sea Kickstarter. Over a year ago. And I'm still getting new stuff from it. This is by far the absolute best Kickstarter I've ever been a part of.

    I know, right? Part of me wants to be all...."Guys? I think you've met your quota here for free swag by now."

  • So, I finally have some finished shiny rocks as of last week. This makes me happy to a degree that makes no real sense, since all they do is sit on a shelf in little storage boxes, being shiny.

    But I like shiny, so that's a thing.

    I grump about it, because it is messy and often outside and often a pain in the ass, but this involves slogging around buckets of rocks anywhere from 10-30ish pounds each daily, and that can get up to slogging around 64lbs in a day (though broken up into smaller amounts because no).

    This really fucking sucked the first week, a few months ago.

    It has sucked less as time goes on.

    This is super fucking awesome, because while that's no great feat for 99.999% of the planet, my back is so profoundly screwed I've been told repeatedly and emphatically that I would never be able to lift more than 5lbs at a time for the rest of my life since I was 19. (Sorry, doc.)

    Obviously, I pushed this regularly for little things -- even a gallon of water is over 5lbs -- but not 'all over the house back and forth' and 'daily' and 'up and down stairs' multiple times a day. And if I pushed it this way for more than a day or two before, damn, would I be paying for it in hurt.

    It is a little thing, but it isn't, really, because the achey days are now the rare exception, rather than the non-achey ones. And I'm pretty happy about it.

  • As of Friday, I am a Twitch Affiliate. This is something that I am very proud to have accomplished as it means I'll be able to help my family out here and there. I know not to expect the BIG BUCKS!!! some full time streamers are fortunate enough to make, but it should be enough to maybe help with food and bills and maybe even give us some mad money so we can do fun things.

  • So I'm poor which means it's not good for me, but... mebbe some of you. Discount code 'OCTOBER' gives $5 off $30 or more on Target's website on Halloween shit until the 6th.

    And they've got some p stellar decor this year.

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    @darinelle said in RL things I love:

    Love? Love. LOVE! My new Scanpan. @Kanye-Qwest was so right. SO RIGHT.

    Isn't it great?? I don't regret mine, either. It cleans so easy, and not having to drown things in oil is so nice

  • @kanye-qwest said in RL things I love:

    Isn't it great?? I don't regret mine, either. It cleans so easy, and not having to drown things in oil is so nice

    What's a scanpan?

  • Pitcrew

    nonstick cookware. It's super abrasion resistant due to something something science, pressure cast aluminum and ceramic titanium plating. You can use metal untensils on it. you CAN put it in the dishwasher but honestly they are not cheap so I would never. You can sautee with just a little water, or none at all for juicier vegetables, etc.

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    I just went and looked up some info on them and omg I want one! They look amazing.

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    Puppies. Cute bully breed puppies you had no idea lived across the street.

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    My roommate invited me out to Eid al-Fitr to the local mosque- about I think two years ago from now? Which if you do not know, is sort of the one of the two major Islamic holidays, this one ending after Ramadan, with feasting ,big celebrations, and gift giving. (Depending on the culture/nation).

    Anyway, being a poor terrible college student, I went, free food? Fuck yah. Also going alone is often weird, so I figured his invitation was what he needed to justify going himself. (He doesn't go to the mosque ever, after all.) Anyway, dress up, red button up shirt, jeans, look fairly nice, but not too formal. Not as formal as everyone else there, but hey.

    We get there, there is food, mmm lamb. Anyway, while waiting in line for the food- a small child of about 3-4 years of age approach me, and at this time, asks me, "Hey are you Santa Claus." Which is by far the most adorable and hilarious question I have ever been asked.

    That is a great memory.

  • @ganymede DuPont has a similar thing. (It may be the same tech under a different name.)

    Husband screeched and whined about how we didn't need them, despite me using two skillets a day when I was on the die+t, and how they aren't dishwasher friendly so I had just blown a pile o' cash on something 'useless'.

    ...he failed to see the irony in any of this, as the damn things clean in half a bloody second in the sink. He can have all the dishwasher he wants.

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    Strawberry Mochi ice cream. I'd heard it existed, but I just found it. Love.

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    Getting a puppy! Meet Harley, the boxer bitch

  • @jinshei said in RL things I love:

    Meet Harley, the boxer bitch

    I love boxers!

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    @auspice my family have been boxer people for generations, and I hinted I might get a puppy from my secretary's bitch, but got stared at. Glad of it though because Harley! There are some cute puppy pounce videos too...

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    @jinshei Makes all the appropriate squealing noises SO cuuuuuuuute.

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    @macha picking her up Friday! All shoes are out of puppy range...

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    @jinshei there will be more pictures, yes?

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    @jinshei high pitched sound like a leaking balloon

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