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    Someone get this person a red and green sweater stat!


  • I read that Englund is down for another Freddy appearance.

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    Save the planet. Watch porn.

    (ETA: Yes, I realize this is an old article. But it still makes me giggle that 15K trees were planted from humanity's love of watching other people bone.)

  • It's my birthday, and my youngest made breakfast in bed for me. Which was lovely.
    Unfortunately, it was also served at one in the morning, because apparently morning automatically means breakfast.

  • @Tinuviel said in RL things I love:

    It's my birthday, and my youngest made breakfast in bed for me. Which was lovely.
    Unfortunately, it was also served at one in the morning, because apparently morning automatically means breakfast.

    What's it like being ancient?

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    @Tinuviel Happy birthday, I got you an upvote.

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    So six weeks ago, my mom's dog had her first litter of puppies. The runt of the litter was only 2oz (no, that is not a typo) when he was born, compared to his siblings who all came in at about a pound. I got to meet him yesterday. He's grown to ten times his birth-weight. His name is currently Mouseworks. He fits in my shirt pocket. I am in love.

    alt text

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    I missed a stripe of my forehead when applying sunscreen so tomorrow AM I will look like I have actually been headdesking (on the edge of my station even!)...but it was super fun to see the teens ride on all the adult/teen rides AND take the 5 year old on all the kiddie rides he wanted a buddy on (just a few of the almost-big ones) happily. It has been awhile since I have had the energy to take the kids to the fair, so it was a sweet moment before a probably intense school year (I will have a senior, two juniors, and a kindergartener, so trying to really appreciate the time I have left with everyone).

  • Although not recognized as such, Megara is the greatest Disney princess.

    fight me

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    They are putting a fence around the new dog area they made right outside my apartment! This means the dogs will get to go off leash, and better, I can watch the dogs be cute in a safe environment!

  • How fun and supportive the ladies I'm doing this stitchalong with are is my favorite thing right now.

    They encouraged me to go out this evening to plan our big group project for one of the challenges and we had about twelve of us there.

    After spending nearly two years barely socializing with anyone (as in maybe once a month I'd go out....if that), it's been really rewarding.

  • Our office walls are painted! The carpet has been shampoo'd! There's a lovely wall mural covering the inexplicable window into a garage we don't have access to! Our conference table and chairs are being delivered today and my office share officemate is bringing me a calzone!

    I feel like a real grownup.

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    I just got an electric shaver for my face (I absolutely cannot stand dealing with my facial hair) and it is so good and so smooth and so perfect and I am very happy.

  • I just revealed to my team at work that the weird slightly off-colored line in our team's logo is actually a super-small font wording: #spiceworld2019

    Because I put it there.

    It's been there for nearly a year.


    Edit: because FUCK THEM for not supporting the Spice Girls reunion tour. They called me weird and crazy. Who's laughing now, yah?

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    When a bad person you know who does bad things and treats people badly gets caught - and slapped with felony charges.

    Sooner or later, karma's gonna get you. ^_^

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    @Aria said in RL things I love:

    Sooner or later, karma's gonna get you. ^_^

    Although I'm glad it happened in this case, I'd never ever agree the quoted statement is true.

    A whole lot of real assholes, terrible people, shitty individuals never get theirs.

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    I have the most amazing students this year. They're not EASY, but they are all SOLID little people who are, if no one fucks them up, going to grow up into amazing adults.

    I also had one kiddo go to the climate strike today. I was 100% in support because his father did all of the due diligence that he could have to gather everything his kiddo would miss and will make sure he does it this weekend. The kid got a cool lesson in civics (hell yes I'm adding this as a grade for him on our civics standard), and he won't fall behind in other classwork.

  • My first tattoos. They are small, but mineeeee.

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