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    I've played like 100+ games, there's no fucking way I can remember or post them all. I'll post common names first, since I've had very distinctive names, chances are I was that person on whatever game you're thinking about. This will be horrifyingly disorganized.

    Until recently I went by Magnes on a lot of games, because I was an uncreative hack.

    I also used Amadeus a lot.

    While I never had a character as such a name, in a certain circle I'm often known as Brick. I only answer to it because people insist on using it.

    I've also been Wesley Wilson in a few places.

    Places I can somewhat remember playing, but there's significantly more:

    Magnes @ A Split Infinity

    Arai @ Angelic Layer MUSH

    Magnes/Wesley/Alister @ The Reach (Alister was a terrible character, I apologize)

    Amadeus(A Lion)/??? @ Windy City

    Amadeus/Jay/Nicholas/Eugene/Nim @ City of Hope.

    Kon (Staff) @ A Bleach MUSH whose name I forgot (I left when it opened, fuck that noise)

    Magnes/Amadeus @ Heroes Dreams Rebirth

    Magnes @ A bunch of failed DBZ MUSHes

    Magnes/Leonardo/Amadeus @ X-Men Movieverse

    Magnes/Amadeus/Mortimer(Aka Warren)/Rasheed/Leroy/Frank @ String Theory

    Wesley Wilson @ Scion: Monsters and Moshpits

    Magnes @ Some Sailor Moon MU* whose name I can't remember. He could turn into a girl.

    Magnes @ Cowboy Bebop MUD

    A bunch of random names (Magnes and Apex a lot) @ A bunch of DBZ MUDs.

    Magnes @ Lots of random MUDs in general

    Someone I can't remember @ Towers of Jadri

    Levian @ Shang

    Azrael @ Star Crusade

    Noh-Varr (The one who didn't quit the internet to become a monk) @ Comux, Universe Unlimited, HeroMUX

    Magnes @ Edge of Midnight

    Jason Todd/The Professor @ Endless City

    Amadeus @ Four Color Comics

    Magnes @ Galaxia

    Magnes @ A fuckload of comic MU*s, really. Most were terrible so who cares.

    K9999, brief newer Kyo Kusanagi, briefly Demitri Maximoff @ Match of the Millennium

    Magnes @ Those Pokemon games run by Alynna

    Alister @ Ruptured Assumptions

    Nim @ Tenebrae (Briefly)

    The Professor @ X-Men: Flame of Darkness (The only Time Lord, as far as I know)

    Vegeta, Orphen, Jin Saotome, Thor, The Joker, Deadpool, Wesley Wilson, Bridge Carson, Steven Universe, Zero, Sasuke Uchiha, Hiei, Rock Lee, Monk Lee (There's more, but these were the most notable) + Sonic @ Multiverse Crisis MUSH

    Elec Man (2007), Homura Atsuki, A bunch of random Robot Masters, Orochi Oshiro, Ben Kavinsky (Currently), Radical Riot (For like five seconds), Joko de Lagos (Currently), Hien (Currently) @ Mega Man MUSH

    Samson J. Drake, Jin Saotome, some guy whose name I forgot @ Super Robot Taisen

    Sonic @ World Tree

    People might know me at varying degrees of maturity, since I entered the hobby at like 17 years old, and was in a bunch of non-MU* places before that since about 14. If you hate me, it's perfectly understandable, I'd hate me too when I was younger.


  • I suspect we were all putzes to varying degrees in our youth.

  • I was a paragon in my youth.

    I've backslid since then.

  • @WTFE

    A paragon of what? Sure wasn't "virtue".

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    So I'm deeply curious: What is your affection for the name Magnes?

    ETA: Oh, I missed your preemptive explanation but if you still want to answer the question (which is srs and not actually intended to be snide), feel free!

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    @AmishRakeFight It's more an RPing name I came up with shortly before I started playing MUs (I used to RP in chatrooms and Byond Tabletop a lot). I wasn't all that good at coming up with new characters, nor did frequently making new characters register as a thing that mattered when I was younger. I was used to like, the wild west of RPing outside of MUs, where people frequently had an OC they played everywhere and no one really batted an eyelash.

    After a while I started to use the name for a particular character who I just liked playing a lot, but it was kind of a creatively lazy borderline self-insert that I retired.

    These days I'm out of the habit, I don't use the name for characters anymore. Now it tends to just be an internet handle for me, and I have a -lot- of different OCs.

    I didn't name any of my OCs or FCs in SRT, MCM, or Mega Man MUSH, since everyone in those circles already know where I'm playing and such, so there's very little chance of the information being useful to anyone. I guess I'll update the list with those when I stop being lazy and tired, just for the sake of doing it.

    edit: Added.

  • @HelloProject
    As someone who was a long-time staffer and player at M3 and player at MCM, I'm curious if we ever crossed paths.

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    @Bobotron said:

    As someone who was a long-time staffer and player at M3 and player at MCM, I'm curious if we ever crossed paths.

    Looking at your playlist, I think you're unfortunately before my time on both games. But I added all of my most notable characters to the list now.

    The earliest I played M3 was like 2007, as Elec Man, and it wasn't for a super long time. Earliest I was on MCM was 2011, my first character there being Sasuke Uchiha. Currently I'm active on M3, the game has changed -significantly- since I first played. Lots of stuff going on, and it's Halloween soon, so there's always a big Halloween event.

  • @HelloProject
    We probably played around each other, if not directly with, at MCM. I bounced in and out of there as iX for a long time, til he finally timed out in like 2013.

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    I updated my list, thus I'm bumping this.

  • Pitcrew

    Neat. Another Edge of Midnight player. I played Arsay and Shayin. I still poke my head in from time to time but rarely for long and more with random new pcs than the originals.

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    @Salty My primary memory of Edge of Midnight was banging a dragon and those two women who hung out in the square transmuting me into tons of different species.

    I probably deserved it.

    Also surprised to learn it still exists. Honestly as far as MUDs go, for as ridiculous as the concept was, it had a ton of depth and was a rare RPI MUD.

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