Anime-Themed MUs

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    @ShelBeast My only thing against Savage Worlds, is the whole 'card' thing, you'd have to rip that out because adding in yet another mechanic for conflict resolution would just slow things down all the more and it's a real easy way to nerf yourself.

  • @Lithium Yeah, that is understandable. Though, I was pretty sure that in the last edition book they included rules for not using the 'card' system, and just using full dice. I might be misremembering from something else I read, as I loaned my SWDeluxe book out to one of my buddies and haven't had it in a year now. And since I'm now in Vegas and he's in STL... I guess it's his. LOL

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    @Songtress said:

    You know "Shin Sekai Yori", would make sort of for an interesting Anime. (Since its not about the 'action, but how Fucked up Society can be... its a great show. Admitedly hever one has TK!, but its interesting, and really thrilling.
    You'd need to do something to make it mushable a bit.

    At the very least, the inevitably huge amounts of TS would be totally canon!

  • FATE is best for having your very competant characters succeed by doing what they do, well., and by being themselves. Savage Worlds is a war game engine disguised as a RPG.

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    @Misadventure said:

    Savage Worlds is a war game engine disguised as a RPG.

    Aren't most RPGs?

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    Wow then it is the worst wargame ever. No offense I can see that being applied to D+D even gurps and hero system to some extent or basically game with details systems.
    Besides Chess, the wargame with about the simplest rules set is Axis and Allies and even that looks robust compared to Savage worlds.
    Heck being more wargame like would likely have me liking Savage Worlds more, as it stands now it is not light enough to get out of the way of the story, nor system enough to engage as a game.

  • It is literally derived from their Rail Wars wargame. They produced that and Deadlands, and the wargame version won out. Would it feel better to call it a skirmish game?

    Most RPG rules hold their basic form based on their descent from wargames. The most famous would probably be Blackmoor which gave personalities and goals other than win this battle to a wargame, and inspired Dungeons & Dragons.

    A few examples of games moving away from that would be Burning Wheel/Burning Empires, the Apocalypse Engine, FATE, and more free narrative oriented systems like Don't Rest Your Head, The Solar System.

    It's never about what you resolve, unless you can only resolve combat I suppose, it's about how you go about it.

    And yes, I agree with you @ThatGuyThere. It fails to be engaging as a roleplaying game, nor striking as a wargame. Malifaux and other skirmish games do better because they know the game mechanics and how you go about resolving things is the game play and has to be engaging. Savage Worlds relies on the strengths of any roleplaying group to make their generic system fly.

    tldr; My criticism is that as a system it aims at the personal engagement level of a skirmishing game. That it is not great as a skirmish game only makes it worse.