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    @tempest Ok but brucilla is actually a pretty interesting name.

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    @Lithium said in POLL: Super Hero MU Gut Check:

    FASERIP is a great system, in tabletop, the biggest problems is that there is not a lot of options for combat. Like, dodging... how do you dodge? Really? Does it take your action? Can you dodge all day and still attack? The system is very rules light because of the chart.

    I /love/ FASERIP as a system, I'd love to see it on a MU*, I've even coded it once upon a time back when I made horribad code (well, more horribad than it is now) but the biggest problem... it's got a harsh penalty on experience, and how to gain it.

    You'd also have to convert it to a point based system (Not impossible, but there'd be a lot of judgement calls) for there to be any level of balance but then certain FC's would break.

    How about this. For CharGen, the system rolls a straight string of 11 d100 rolls (1 for each Attribute, 1 for # of Powers, 1 for # of Talents, #1 for # of Contacts, 1 for Resources adjustment). You can swap any 2 results for free. Then, you can lower a roll to increase another roll, but it's at an increasing cost. Start off on a 2 for 1 exchange (you lower a roll of 55 to 45 in order to increase a roll of 65 to 70). Second time you do it, it's a 3 for 1 exchange rate, and so on. It allows for customization and flexibility, but with diminishing returns, so complete optimization isn't really achievable.

    The player also gets to chose Powers & Talents directly, instead of them being randomly chosen. Once powers are selected, dice rolls are generated down the line, with one free swap and a diminishing points trade as with the earlier rolls. Invulnerability Powers are exempt from alteration and point swapping, since they already start off at Class 3000, IIRC.

  • @Kanye-Qwest said in POLL: Super Hero MU Gut Check:

    @tempest Ok but brucilla is actually a pretty interesting name.

    You monster.

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    @Runescryer Seems legit. Maybe give the option of random choice for those who want a more authentic FASERIP experience?

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    You monster.

    Brewcillia is the monster.

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    @The-Tree-of-Woe Sure. Although it can be a bit exhausting doing the mental gymnastics needed to figure out how to make all those random rolls work.

  • Has anyone looked at the later RPGs based on the FASERIP system? I believe there is G-Core and maybe one other. They may have an alternative approach to how to handle/randomize range of power levels for the characters.

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    @Misadventure said in POLL: Super Hero MU Gut Check:

    Has anyone looked at the later RPGs based on the FASERIP system? I believe there is G-Core and maybe one other. They may have an alternative approach to how to handle/randomize range of power levels for the characters.

    Just started looking at G-Core, and they do seem to have a solid take on the character building issue. It's still random rolls for power levels, but each origin has a number of Free Points that can be used to nudge things around. Plus there are Flaws and Weaknesses that can be taken to add overall bonus Ranks to buff/customize the character.

    It's only $2.50 on DriveThru RPG, so it's not going to cost a lot to check out.

    As for the other FASERIP game descendant...I haven't found another one.

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    Well there's FASERIP itself, which is free. So.

    What do we have so far.

    X-Men centric (but not limited to). The Utopia Era... was it just before Schism? Anybody knowledgeable enough to throw out specific issue cutoffs?

    Possible: Using some version of FASERIP to provide system support or add a random element to combat should it be desired.

    An issue I'd like to put up for debate: Villains yes? Villains no? Some people aren't happy unless they're apping villains (and that does narrow the playing field a bit) but I'm honestly at the point where anyone playing certain characters gets considered a Creeper Until Proven Innocent. And a lot of the X-Villains are... well, leaning gray during the Utopia Era. Even stone-cold killers like Scalphunter.

  • @The-Tree-of-Woe Even if there's not villains, I'm hoping the Omega gang will be represented.

    Edited to add: Marvel Unlimited tells me 'Utopia' as a storyline began in 2009. So look to Uncanny X-Men 510s or so for a start? I can try to triangulate some of this potential cutoff if there are certain starting points people want relating to Utopia.

  • How about an adult-themed Marvel MUX set in Madripoor.


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    @Chet That actually sounds like a lot of fun. Could have it be villain/anti-hero/politics based rather than save the world.

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    @fatefan I would cut New Mutants off RIGHT after they captured Sugar Man and retrieved X-Man, because that's when DNA's arc started to go off the rails and that story was actually pretty cool.

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    I was thinking yesterday it would be fun to have MU* where all players are henchmen. Base it in Gotham, make each 'faction' be part of a villain's group, offer opportunities for advancement some some trope reversals and go to town.

    Mystery? Try outwitting the Bat. Action? You're running away from that Robin brat who's chasing you from rooftop to rooftop. Risk? You get to give the Joker some bad news.

  • @Arkandel That would actually be a really excellent MUD.

    I have a code diagram on my computer for something similar: essentially, 'ninja city', with a coded combat/advancement system made to be as systemically complex as possible, and faintly incongruous, but as command-simple as possible, with XP handed out based on a combination of the number of attacks thrown at you and your health level when you receive incoming attempts.

    As you moved up the XP rank chain, you'd go from being a basic novice, to being able to join a group, to being a lieutenant in a group, to outright having a 'Master' status and being a legendary figure. If you managed to defeat two other Masters in a duel, you would receive a custom coded 'Forbidden Style', which would be a single Style bracket (that would be an interaction between two stats) and three attack choices inside the Style, with each of their damage based on particular parameters.

    I have it designed for a modern ninja environment at the moment, with five Styles: Empty Hand, Melee, Ranged, Magic, Subterfuge. You could adapt it to that concept easily. Drop me the word if you want me to e-mail you the text file on the dynamics (I have no code for this, and the math balance is unwritten.)

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    Ok... so... can we have this? Like, yesterday? Maybe with a little bit of law and order?

  • Here's the basic system (remember it's for a modern ninja game, and the dynamics are open to alteration, but the essential core concept is here, sans math):

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/9y68j6cl6wl4gez/NINJA csys.txt?dl=0

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    So if people are interested in this, I'd be interested in helping to plan it out, and am amenable to being PMed on the topic.

  • @The-Tree-of-Woe Just to be clear on the "this" -- you mean an X-Men game, or a Gotham henchmen game? I assume the former, but since the latter was mentioned, I wanted to get some clarification on the two (or some third option).

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    I was thinking more of the X-Men centric Marvel game. Or call it the West Coast-centric Marvel game.


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