Descent Reboot

  • They've updated it (the desktop version anyway) so now it'll have a red dot when there is activity (provided you haven't muted the channels.)

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    @coin My only problem with it is occasionally it doesn't ping when someone sends me a DM. But will STILL FUCKING PING ME on servers that do @here even when i have TURNED THOSE DAMNED SETTINGS OFF.

  • @cobaltasaurus @everything trumps everything.

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    And then there's the Steam client, where random communities I'm part of throw pop-up notifications and there's no way to not get a popup. Argh.

  • @Cobaltasaurus There's a bunch of things, I think that need looked at or fiddled, or I need a walkthrough of how to add things myself (for adding in Hurt Locker equip / merits). Iirc, there was trouble with adding gear, temprooms need added, etc. Job 1 has an old working list of things to do, bb1 has the code updates from back when, or bugs we found.

    At some point I'll need boon tracking/trading code and territory tracking code. I've settled on something that players can 'play' that'll be similar to settlers of catan :p (I trade 3 wood for 2 sheep, so I can upgrade this stat). And I know I want blood pools tied to population, because limited blood makes territory valuable.

    Just need a hand figuring out the mechanics for it XD Cause I suck with mechanics and breaking/fixing the number crunchy bits.

    If anyone wants to swing by, chat, lend a hand, idea bounce I would love any of the above. ^.^

    ETA: Also need to start building theeeme. If my vampy person doesn't kick in soon, just gonna start making it so it gets done :p

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    To be fair to myself, life is being life.

    I still have a lot of Blood Sorcery to go, but we could can that. Bloodlines are composed and ready. Theme and setting should not be too hard to put together.

    I don’t think, at least.

  • Here's the link to the working document for the revised territory system we're toying with. Feedback is very welcome!

    I'm aiming for something that, once code is built, can be mostly hands-off for staff and played like a mini-game akin to Settlers of Catan.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm looking forward to seeing what that brings out of people the most. Competitive or cooperative, this should be entertaining.

    An actual reason to hold, grow and expand territory other than simply stamping your name on something for shits and giggles.

    Of course, some folks will flat out ignore that feature. Which is to be expected. Not everybody wants to be king.

  • It should be a bit crowded (which, whatevs, if we get big enough, I have NO problem expanding the grid to fit the playerbase needs.).

    There are 21 grid spaces that can be claimed.
    18 are in the main praxis.
    2 are the Praxis of the East (the folks of questionable morals!)
    1 is a gridspace I plan to use as some early plot and then turn loose as 'real' grid when the arc is done.

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    @royal This is one of the things that always bugged me about Werewolf games, Loci were either not available at all, or were /too/ available, so they were no longer a resource to be fought over.

    It's one of the things that doesn't translate well from TT to MU*. If you have a Locus, then it is going to draw attention, but that requires direct staff involvement. If you don't, then you /need/ to get one, else how are you going to patrol the spirit side? It's a major point of werewolf territory but is never used appropriately in the MU environment in my experience.

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    @lithium I would LOVE to watch a grid square shift between packs and coteries once a month. Constantly being under siege for a locus or other high demand resource.

  • Woo! Minor code victory: Managed to recolor and rename the map, as well as get the tracking brackets and 'You are here: _____' working again. My brainmeat feels like it went three rounds with a blender, but I did it :3 Tomorrow, I'm working on the layers for the two Praxis (Praxii?) and building the submaps for the different neighborhoods.

    It's not what I had in mind to get done, but this is a pretty big victory for my code-dumb self. (I didn't even break anything. Woah!)

  • Still a bit more gridwork to do (I'm a dirty slacker), and map layers to build. However, I picked up a few more hands to help with some balancing of the Territory system, the wiki is fleshing up with a couple of hands working on it (some theme files are already up). A coder is helping me learn/build the code structure for the Territory system that'll come in eventually (which is nice, cause then I can do maintenance or alter it as needed if the balance is wonky).

    We're not too far from a 'please don't hurt me' super soft open, using jobs and spreadsheets to track the earliest play tests of the territory system :3 No dates, yet, but soon!

    The last big bits is combing through Hurt Locker, adding stuff from it, possibly updating the cgen/sheet code to the latest version, making sure temprooms and equipment work and updating equipment. Adding in Bloodlines (though, I'm not sure that's much of a code thing, other than editing a list, maybe) and in-game files for them, as well as wiki files.

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    @taika said in Descent Reboot:

    Adding in Bloodlines (though, I'm not sure that's much of a code thing, other than editing a list, maybe)

    How in the world are both you and Reno needing the exact same things at the exact same time?

    I still have my notes to add Bloodlines. I'll be free Tuesday.

    And then I'll work on Hurt Locker's re-tooling of the Fighting Merits.

    So, so painful. The first line of the code file for Hurt Locker Fighting Merits is "the hell that is my life", but I'll get it done.

    I will need a coat of kittens to help me through this.

    edit: Or a hat.

    alt text

  • @thenomain Upvotes given for cat hats. and also for helping us with the code bits.

  • @thenomain I think in Reno's case it's the mechanipus closing. I really dunno, even if that sounds familiar-ish. (I haven't logged in or joined their group thing, lest I snap and murder the entitled little child-woman that keeps whining that the wiki wasn't done start to finish in under 2 days, because I would talk that creature onto a ledge with no regrets.)

    I just go back to wiki-side slavery for them at the asscrack of dawn, so I need to chug through the remainder of this form setup for my own stuff by then. If I hear anything, I'll PM.

  • @thenomain At least it is a tale of two birds; one stone? >.> I was playing with slotting the rough code in, and it wasn't reading the prereqs right, and returned a funny bit. Sent you the results of them so you can see entered vs returned.

    Kind of a rough night XD everything I touched just fizzled. Even the password for the old tdm.logs mail wasn't working, so I gave up before I played toss the laptop. I killed lots of things of Shadow of Mordor, though >.>

    @surreality Oh, man. Some people just don't get how much work it takes to get things going. I suddenly have lots of hands and have to think about things I figured would be a month or two out. But they're chugging along and Doing Stuff and I'm kind of muppetflailing cause I feel like the slow one now. It's almost more overwhelming, in a way, but in a /good/ way.

  • @taika Everyone has been lovely save for one person, thus far. People were doing their data entry/etc. etc. etc. and pitching in after I had tools ready for people to use to start doing that.

    The one person who had not so much as lifted a finger to contribute to this effort apparently began flailing about and whining about how it wasn't all done yet to the extent that it was upsetting others. (And, bonus, when she finally did lift a finger, the dumbass completely ignored the giant boldface directions all over the place and I had to correct almost every single one of her piffling initial round of additions.)

    I really, really do not want to be working on this, and if it wasn't for the fact that two of my dearest friends needed help, I wouldn't be.

    This chick, whoever she is, is not one of them.

    I am very, very glad I don't know who she is on the forum (if she's even here at all). I won't log into the game itself, probably ever, because I genuinely do not trust my ability to not tear holes in her lazy, dim-witted, entitled brat ass with my teeth if she's present like somebody gave me zombie grade rabies.

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    @Thenomain What games have you added Promethean to? Asking for a friend.

  • Coder

    @tragedyjones said in Descent Reboot:

    @Thenomain What games have you added Promethean to? Asking for a friend.

    None. I am gritting my teeth at Reno's Hunter right now, and have 100% completely forgotten what games need what work.

    A short list:

    • Decent: Installation.
    • Reno: Conversion.
    • Witches & Wizards: Installation and light tweaking.
    • Fate's Harvest: A non-sucky Pledge recording system.

    Decent, on the other hand, is a clean game and allows me the luxury to tweak issues caused by incomplete system. Like Hurt Locker's horribly ill-conceived combat tags and generally laughable application of same. It's fortunate that both Decent and Reno need some of the same work.