Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.

  • Pitcrew

    Since we're complaining about work, I lose all respect for someone I perceive as being stupid, which is a huge problem when I have to work closely with someone.

    Like the coworker who had two, simple questions this morning, both of which could have been answered by reading the title of the file I sent.

  • @Derp

    Bitch, if you move my discovery binders I will cut you.

  • Back to back jury trials next week. Also my job to figure out how to get coverage for the initial appearances during my trials because my boss will be out of town. Everything is terrible and my EAR STILL HURTS.

  • So much more work in the kitchen to do, and I ache absolutely everywhere.

    Still finding things in it that make me wonder if my grandmother wasn't a Bond villian's sidekick in her spare time.

  • Tutorialist

    @Ganymede said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:


    Bitch, if you move my discovery binders I will cut you.

    I'm currently working as a paralegal until I get the fancy degree that lets me take the Bar. The attorneys are the ones taking stuff off of my desk most of the time, and if I'm taking stuff off of their desk it's because I asked them about it fifteen times and would rather they not lose a case for not submitting timely <whatevers>. :P I'll fite u.

  • The only work related thing on my desk are a few notepads with random notes on them in my cursive handwriting that most people are too lazy to read.

    Everything else is on a resource site we all have access to. No one should ever need to fuck with things on my desk because the rest is mine.

  • Pitcrew

    I was excited to get my bonus this year, because I had made plans for it. I looked in my company's ADP, the program we use to look at our timeclocks and paystubs and I saw that my bonus was going to be(disclaimer: I have no issue with people seeing what I make) about $1700. Which to me, is a lot of goddamn money and I could seriously use it.

    And then I look at the net pay, which is going to be around $1k. I wasn't aware that your bonuses are taxed to fucking hell and back. Way worse than my usual paychecks. I get that it's basically an extra paycheck and I should really be happy about it, nevermind getting anything at all, and only someone in a first world country would really complain about getting what basically amounts to free money but...goddamn.

  • Pitcrew

    @Testament Yeah. bonuses are taxed at the max rate. :/

  • @Derp

    The difference is that I am a lawyer that takes her ethical duties seriously. If my paralegals don’t get things timely filed, it’s my license and malpractice insurance.

    Hence, I don’t rely on them that often.

    And I cut them when they take discovery binders out of my office without consent.

  • Pitcrew

    chin props

    I totally have zero concept of this taking-stuff-off-desk thing. I work with 28 small people who have zero understanding of personal property. Last year I ditched my desk completely and went without. It weirdly worked? I'm still not sure how. This year I have a large table I couldn't get moved out of my classroom and so now I pile all my shit on it (aka, student papers, professional development books, random things I repossess from the kiddos. I still haven't figured out what that green plastic thing is....) along with classroom staples like stapler, tape, etc. They come to me and ask if they can have tape-staples-etc and I wave in the general direction of the disarray with the answer of, "If you can find it." By this point in the year they don't even ask, they just go find it because they've figured out I don't have a clue where anything is in the mess until I clear it Friday night.

  • @silverfox said in Real World Peeves, Disgruntlement, and Irks.:

    I totally have zero concept of this taking-stuff-off-desk thing.


    Even when I worked at SoulSuck Corp. in an office with a large number of people... you don't just rifle through an unattended desk. You leave a message, be it written or a phone call, to send whatever paperwork over.

  • Pitcrew


    Haha, my example was the exact opposite. I don't get how you WOULDN'T just take stuff off a desk. My students and I basically live out of one another's spaces. I've had kids have to follow me going, "Mrs. That's my pencil/whiteboard/book/etc..." Or I find myself in the middle of the room with something in my hands going, "Where did I even GET this?"

  • @silverfox That's why I only quoted the part I agreed with.

    Though if any of my students went through my desk, I'd be more than a little annoyed.

  • Pitcrew

    I'm at my nephew's football game and A) it's freezing and B) the woman next to me keeps talking. She's clearly a parent of a kid on the other team, but there's no one else around her, so I guess she's talking to me, but so have never seen her before and I'm not about to agree with her on the calls.

  • Pitcrew

    When a student tells me they were "too busy" to do the 20 minutes of homework I assigned five days ago.

  • Tutorialist

    I just want to sleep like a normal person... Not like two nights of 15 +hrs, and then two nights of 3hrs. Just... like a normal person. quietly weeps into hands

    ETA: Although, this does mean there was finally a week where I didn't work overtime (except for like an hour maybe), so I was actually able to oversleep on my days off (which I only got b/c I was too sick to actually work an extra day when asked). But next week I'll be back up to like 50hrs. Why? Because I'm the idiot that was like: Sure boss man, no one else is stepping up so I'll go close the dumpster fire of a store that has all of like two staffers next week.


  • @Cobaltasaurus I tried to have a nice lie in today, as a Sunday where I had no commitments.

    I was woken up at 6:30am by a cat vomiting onto my feet, presumably because when I did some baking last night she went berserk to access then lick at the mixing bowl in order to devour that buttery, sugary goodness. Thanks kitten.

  • Pitcrew

    It's just filling out web forms and sending them out into the ether, largely never to be responded to. So why does filling out job apps feel so exhausting.

  • @mietze And why do they ask for your resume and then also ask you a bunch of questions you can get the answers just fine from the resume.

  • Shattering the shit out of a tooth in my sleep.

    Ow, fucking ow, ow, motherfucking ow, what in the fuckity fuck ow, holy shit I can't open the eye on that side why?! ow, OW.

    I've cracked them before, somewhat often. Never have I woken up and spit out splinters.


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