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    @tempest said in San Francisco: Paris of the West:

    I just meant to say, Johnny Depp as mayor is pretty tame in that frame of reference, even if he is a little scummy.

    Taking a hard stance against electing a man accused of domestic abuse in the United States gives me a conceited, ironic chuckle.

    Depp's definitely scum, but he's the sort of scum that gets away with that shit in San Francisco.

  • Changeling is open again for a time.

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    I just wanted everyone to remember that people only vote moral, upstanding, law-abiding citizens to office. Anything else is just unthinkably unrealistic. I think, on this, we can all agree.

  • @warma-sheen Since when does what people vote actually matter?

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    @tinuviel Depends how far down the rabbit hole you want to go...

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    @tinuviel lol

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    Has anyone who plays here had their jobs/apps answered in the past week, and if so, what sphere are you in?

  • @calibraxa Yes, within a few days/hours and Changeling. What's going on?

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    @kay I've been waiting a week and a half on my chargen app, and the only reply I've had from staff was one that got my stats wrong over a week ago. Nothing since. I poked the job a few days ago and still nothing. I wondered if it's just my sphere or a game-wide issue.

    Sounds like Changeling is fine, though! Maybe I'll try to re-app as Changeling if they're still open.

  • @calibraxa Gah, I understand your concern. What sphere did you app into? Unfortunately Changeling's full right now (there's 40 of us), along with Mage and Geist. Vampire, Werewolf, Mortal and Mortal+ are open.

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    @kay Werewolf. I'll give it another day or two while I look into the other spheres.

  • @calibraxa I see the werewolf admin Castiel is on right now, try paging maybe? See if something's up?

  • @calibraxa Looks like they no longer have a Werewolf TL so that probably explains it.

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    @tnp Castiel already left?

  • @sunnyj Castiel is the admin. Ahriman was TL. If Castiel was promoted they didn't update the wiki or his staff position.

  • @tnp @SunnyJ @Calibraxa Yeah there's no Werewolf TL at the moment. I have the impression Castiel's filling in for now, but I don't know the details if it's to let him grow into the TL spot or if they have some other plan. The Staff Openings is just asking for Admins and STs, tho, so it seems they're content with no official TL right now:

  • @Darc Hey, any updates regarding the Werewolf sphere staff? I hadn't been paying attention but it seems there's some confusion.

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    Werewolf often seems to end up orphaned at launch with these WoD mus, I've seen it a couple times now at least. Castiel kinda had the TL position fall in her lap due to Ahri vanishing, and has no notes for Ahri's setup (the wolfblood killing virus, the conflict between Azlu and Beshilu, the 'Protectorate' of werewolves which is essentially a Forsaken version of a Pure Confederacy if I understand it right, a bunch of united packs) and so she's got the unenviable task of filling in the substantial blanks while picking up all the slack from WW waiting for Ahri to show back up (a backlog of apps and associated jobs). She seems to be brushing up on/preparing to deal with Fetishes, which are their own headache altogether. If you feel like you've been waiting for an unreasonable amount of time - and I think a week is too long, at this point, since the game is live - you ought to nudge another staffer in order to get some help. Gabriel was very helpful and accommodating to me when Ahri disappeared and I'd been waiting the same amount of time to hear back on my app.

    So far, Cas seems to be just what the sphere needs, honestly. She was quick to institute Aspects from Signs of The Moon, and I believe the prereqs for their benefits are trimmed down to PU 3, 5, and 7, instead of 3, 7, and 10. I don't think it makes up the power disparity between Uratha and Sin-Eaters, or Vampires with their 2E influenced physical disciplines, but it is certainly a step in the right direction. If she continues to institute similar houserules, which help players to define their characters and benefit from that mechanically, or simply updates to Werewolf's base advantages, like regeneration, we'll definitely end up with a template that is - for once - robust and dangerous enough to keep up with the bigger, badder splats in WoD, without relying on powergaming built around Rites. This is important on a MU with Mage, Geist, and Super-Vampires, which is so encouraging of cross-sphere RP. I think Cas definitely deserves patience as she figures out where to go and what to do with what she's been given.

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    So, on far it's fun for me. People are on at horrible hours, which suits my bonkers timezone as otherwise my online time is dead time. People are relatively friendly, etc. None of you know who I am, but for what it's worth, I'm having fun. I'm in Changeling Sphere, but getting RP in other spheres too, which is something I dig.

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    I'll add here that I'm enjoying myself. I came because the mortal admin invited me, and I made a mortal. He's totally mortal (Reno).

    I know almost nothing about the theme. My exposure to vampires is basically Angel/Buffy and a little True Blood. Anyway, that hasn't been too much of a hindrance, as people are really helpful and considerate in making allowances for my ignorance.

    I sometimes have trouble finding random RP, but then I realised it's because I'm not actually on the channels... so I guess that's on me.