Coming Soon: Chontio, a Star Wars Stand Alone MUSH

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    Deep in the outer rim lies a small system with a single habitable planet. Life here is difficult, food is scarce, and comforts are few and far between. Toxic gas covers most of the planet. The native species remains perpetually hostile. Smugglers and criminals hide from the authorities here. A few years ago, the Galactic Empire decided Chontio’s odd crystals were valuable enough to invest in the planet, and with the Empire came stability and wealth… as well as an ever-tightening collar and simmering frustrations. The local government, the Tageeri Confederation, now balances its freedom against its alliance with the Empire.

    Player Characters will help guide the Tageeri Confederation and the people of Chontio through the process of contact with the Empire, criminal syndicates, and native forces, cooperating and competing to get the Confederation to a position they want.

    Welcome to Chontio.

    Chontio is an on-line storytelling based game, utilizing Fantasy Flight Game's Star Wars system. We use Age of Rebellion as the primary source for game mechanics, AresMUSH as our game server, and lore created by the Chontio dev team as well as taken from the greater Star Wars Universe. For information about Chontio and the game, please see our wiki here:

    Please note that while the most of our theme and setting has been fleshed out, we are still very much so in development. The wiki will be steadily changing as we add more information and attempt to clean up the flow and feel. This does not mean do not ask questions. Please, feel free!

    Chontio is NOT OPEN. You cannot create a character or log in. We anticipate going live on December 1, 2018.

    We have also decided to not make a Discord server, so the best place to reach staff ( @AlexRaymond and @skew ) is right here in MSB.

    We are also looking for other people who might want to help. At present, that means anyone that would like to help create our grid.

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    I'm excited to see more games on Ares! I'm in a closed Alpha on one right now, and holy crap guys, everyone's gonna go nuts for the continual web/game integration.

  • It is indeed pretty great once you get used to it. The ares web portal is presently the most functional way I've ever played on mobile.

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    Sounds interesting! While acknowledging you guys are in development, is here the place to ask questions about theme?

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    @cupcake Just MSB! You can ask here, or DM me.

    For many reasons, we've opted not to do a Discord server. I'm hoping in another few weeks we'll be ready to have people logging on (though not apping in) for the discussions and the like.

  • Definitely interested in playing here. Sounds interesting!

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    Grid construction has begun, and I'm aiming for closed alpha sometime before Thanksgiving. Still on target for Dec 1st open beta. Woohoo!

    alt text

  • Sounds neat! I might give this one a try.

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    Status Update:
    If anyone didn't see my "Shout in the Dark" post, @AlexRaymond has went MIA. I last heard from him 2 weeks ago, with no indication he was leaving. I am decidedly worried, and if anyone knows this person IRL, or has another means to contact him, please let me know. I've hit him on Discord and on the gmail account he used for our GDocs collaboration and received no response.

    All that said, there's a whole lot of effort that's been poured into this game. I have root access to the game server (given to me by @AlexRaymond ) but I do not have any of the Digital Oceans information. I'm getting worried that something could happen and I'll have no way to fix it.

    As such, I'll be standing up my own server today, and copying everything from Chontio onto that server. @faraday has agreed to help, so I think it'll all go smoothly.

    I wanted to post here publicly, if @AlexRaymond does return, I'm more than happy to hand over the keys, to move Chontio back to the original server, to do whatever so he can have his game back.

    In other news, if anyone does want to help, please let me know. I'll be looking for Alpha play testers next week. I need some rooms desc'd. I need Roster Characters written.

    Also, I've invoked Alex's name 3 times in one post, so maybe that will summon him.

    Also, also... The City of Davotay, based on Jedha City, with enhancements by @SunnyJ :
    The City of Davotay

  • Pitcrew

    Are the natives of Chontio sentient beings and will they be playable?

  • Coder

    @cupcake said in Coming Soon: Chontio, a Star Wars Stand Alone MUSH:

    Are the natives of Chontio sentient beings and will they be playable?

    They are much to the tune of Tusken Raiders. Sentient and mostly hostile. They are not playable.

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    @skew said in Coming Soon: Chontio, a Star Wars Stand Alone MUSH:

    As such, I'll be standing up my own server today, and copying everything from Chontio onto that server. @faraday has agreed to help, so I think it'll all go smoothly.

    In the interests of transparency, I just wanted to confirm that I'm on board with this. Alex hasn't posted on MSB in almost a month, hasn't posted on the Ares Discord in several weeks, and hasn't been reachable via any other means. Alex had given skew access to the server shell, which is basically the "keys to the kingdom" as far as I'm concerned. This demonstrates a great deal of trust, and skew has done a ton of work building and setting up the game/wiki.

    Having been on the receiving end of a headwiz suddenly going AWOL right before opening (on Battlestar Pacifica), I am sympathetic to skew's situation. Given skew's pledge to work things out with Alex if he does return, I think it's in the best interests of the MU community for this game to open on a stable server.

    (To be clear - I have no involvement in the game itself other than helping with this transfer and some Ares setup questions/bugfixes.)

  • I'm stoked.

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    Alpha is open! I've got a few players poking at the game, running through cgen, etc.

    If anyone wants to join, please just DM me. Atm, I don't think there's any RPing, but I am hopeful to get a little bit of that going next week.