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  • There is a pathfinder Mu* as well, not sure if that would be something easier/more familiar for Mu*'ers


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    Some people are having a conversation about potential IP issues and legality.

    Cue the lawbots. @Ganymede , @saosmash , I choose you!

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  • @derp Yeah I use roll20 but mostly scream at it for being not what I want. I'm definitely not gonna give it money. I do have paid subscription status on dndbeyond. Is that what you wanted to know??

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    As a note the two most recent modules released for 5e are actually very fun and I am running one for some friends.

    Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (1 - 5)
    Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (5 - 20)

    These modules hand off to one another and they look great. I'm about 30% of the way through Dragon Heist and I'm enjoying the urban environment with less kick in the door and a lot more opportunity for lesser used skill checks and non-linear problem solving. The mega dungeon from the Made Mage is truly expansive with factions and strong characterized npcs for each of the over 20 floors. You easily have 1 year+ of content with these.

    Lost Mine of Phandelver is good if it's your first dnd 5e campaign also because it was one of the first modules there's a lot of user created content for roll20 and other services that can make your dming a higher quality experience with colored maps and a lot of discussion on issues with the module and suggestions on how to smooth them out.

    PS - The 1st encounter in the Lost Mine says 'in the unlikely circumstance the party dies' this is bullshit a lvl 1 party versus that encounter will almost certainly risk a TPK.

  • @jeshin Ahaha. My group is going to be doing Lost Mine of Phandelver, starting this week. Or GM is pretty new to being the GM, though, two people in our group are seasoned DMs. I'll have to mention the Waterdeep ones to him.

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    I would love to run a DnD 5E MUSH. But the legality of it concerns me. I'm not sure these days what WotC is okay with.

  • @arkandel I'm sure if you kept it to SRD material it would be okay-ish? :)

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    I don't know what the difference between a MUSH and a tabletop game would be especially with so many online text based tabletop roleplay options?

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    @jeshin It'd depend on the company. White Wolf for example never minded. WotC might.

    Also what would trigger a company's lawbots can be different things. Too many mechanics verbatim in help files or the wiki? Automations in combat? Copyrighted characters having wild TS? I don't know.

  • @jeshin It's not like we've never been "politely asked" to not use an IP before. And while mechanics (IIRC) can't be copyrighted, almost everything else about a game system and its story can be.

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    Armageddon MUD was based on Dark Sun, like a straight rip of the IP way back in the day. Someone sold them out to WOTC who sent a cease and desist but they never followed up and all Armageddon MUD did was remove some of the IP specific races like halflings and kanks and the like.

    I would imagine as long as you only provided SRD information in the helpfiles and encouraged players to have books or digital books you'd be set. Also non-profit yada yada. I mean streamers are entitled to run through licensed modules and content for no fees except the cost of buying the material thus allowing them to broadcast it.

    But the old that's just my opinion, no one really knows, time sink vs risk etc etc. I get it. Just my 2 cents.

  • @tinuviel said in DnD Group:

    @jeshin It's not like we've never been "politely asked" to not use an IP before. And while mechanics (IIRC) can't be copyrighted, almost everything else about a game system and its story can be.

    Pretty sure this is the case for board games, but aren't RPGs handled differently?

    I thought that was the whole point of the OGL.

  • @wizz Not everything is released under the OGL.

  • @derp said in DnD Group:

    Cue the lawbots. @Ganymede , @saosmash , I choose you!

    That's Lawyercatbot.

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    That cat looks like he would object if the argument weren't too stupid to merit a response. :D

  • @derp Nah, the cat is a public defender and he's taking the only five seconds free he has all year to nap.

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