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    Live Open! - March 1st             Thu Feb 21    Moonshrimp
    Okay, everybody.
    At exactly 8pm CST on March 1st, we will be leaving soft RP and going live.
    This means a few things:
    * XP spends will be open, but for a time all spends must go through Staff via a +request.
    * XP may be gained through means other than your weekly allowance. Which means you may gain beats through aspirations, PrPs, breaking points, 
    and all those funky fun things.
    * Game plots will kick off in short order, so you'll be wanting to watch +events for happyfuntimes.
    * ICA will really and for true mean ICC.
    * You will have until 3/14/19 to make any minor respec changes to your sheet that reflects stuff that didn't work for you during soft open.
    Please be patient as we here on staff side wrangle with what will likely be a huge influx of jobs. It may take more time than normal to see a response.
    The wiki will still be a work-in-progress, but most major information should be there and we're hoping to have character pages ready for you. 
    In addition, some more specialized things coming down the pike may not be fully in place yet.
    We're super excited, hope you are too, and thank you for playing here at Echoes in the Mists!

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    Added opening announcement!

  • Pitcrew

    We are open!

    The wikl, of today 3/2/2019, is not yet ready for account creation and character pages are still in the works but all the theme and setting information is there.

  • Tutorialist

    An addendum to this:

    The wiki has been open to players for a minute now, we just maybe forgot to make an update about that. <.<

  • Another addendum:

    The players here are really, really awesome.

  • Further addendum:

    Staff in the Vampire Sphere are trying to pick activity up again. We could use some new blood, literally and figuratively. There are lots of positions to fill, and lots of good RPers wanting to get their politics and blood-drinking on.

    As a personal pitch, we could really use some dedicated, wicked Sanctified and Ventrue. For shizzle. Non-personally, we could use some more Unconquered and Dragons, two Covenants for which I never thought I'd see a paucity in numbers.

    I am not staff.

  • Tutorialist


    Can confirm. Need all those things.

    Also can confirm lawbot is not staff. Which is probably lucky for you all, or the streets would run red(der).

  • @Derp said in Echoes in the Mists - CoD 2e MU:

    Also can confirm lawbot is not staff. Which is probably lucky for you all, or the streets would run red(der).

    Staff? Pff. I was doing bad things all on my own, thank you very much.

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    Is troo.

  • Tutorialist

    Just figured that I'd drop in here and post an update.

    A few of you probably know already, but in the next few weeks, we'll be opening up the Mage sphere for play.

    The code is mostly in. It's waiting on me to do a bit more work on the wiki, and get the Signs of Sorcery stuff in (the parts that I'm keeping in, anyway -- not all of it is gonna make the cut, I don't think).

    There are a ton of players already getting sheets ready. We've opened up the chargen a bit early so that people can start to tinker.

    Please DO read the wiki, especially the application requirements, because these are a bit stricter than the others spheres. I'm being very careful about how this all gets rolled out; I've seen how Mage spheres fail in the past, with players not knowing what they're doing or not caring about the theme that magic should be used judiciously, just rolling over everything in their path.

    Which is why some reasons for caution are now baked into the mechanics and theme, moreso than even paradox.

    Hope to see some new faces soon! I'll keep you updated on the official open date.

  • @Derp

    Also want to put in that I've returned to the game.

    Still looking for potential packmates for my werewolf. My new vampire is substantially more sociable. And mages, whee!

    But, yeah, if you're looking to put a toe back into the water, now's a good time.

  • @Ganymede Considering it, maybe? But am lazy. Merp.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ganymede I'll try and see if I can't log on and get involved in some way tomorrow when I work from home.

  • Tutorialist

    Mage on Portland is officially open!


    There are plenty of beginning Mysteries to go out and explore.
    It's a new sphere, so everyone's just as clueless as everyone else!
    The players are fantastic.


    The wiki is kind of a hot mess right now. I've been doing my best to get information out there, but honestly, I have no idea how this beast works. Mage templates aren't completed, and I cannot tell you when the ETA on them will be. All of the information is conveniently (haha nervous look) on a single page, so you don't have to go hunting for it, though. Even if it's a bit crowded.

    Legacies I have writeups for but I don't have them on the wiki because I still am not sure where the hell I am putting them, and haven't even vetted them all really.

    Things are basically in a beta phase for the next few months to see if all this catches on fire or not.

    If you're interested come check it out.

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