The ADD/ADHD Thread (cont'd from Peeves)

  • Has anyone had luck with the pomodoro method?

    I've been trying it, but fuck if I still don't meander off. Midway through a pomodoro cycle I'll start doing something else. Midway through a break I'll delve back into work.

    I could try telling myself 'if I get back to work during a break, that's a good sign! it shows I'm getting myself back on task!'

    But the truth is that I'm not adhering to the timer at all. I'm still just as distracted and all over the place as usual.

    Now I just have a timer going off in my ear every so often. Even keeping it up on my tablet so I see it out of the corner of my eye doesn't alleviate that.

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  • fuck pomodoro.

    I've tried it a few times because I keep having bosses who want me to stay ON A SINGLE TASK FOREVER and they're like 'oh just do pomodoro! then you can take short breaks and-'

    Look, in theory it's great. For some people it's probably awesome. For me it becomes:

    Work for 20 minutes, start drifting off into other things......
    Break hits, cool!
    Halfway through the break, start working again because my mind drifted back to it.
    Timer goes off, I go back on break because hey it dinged and I was working so now it's break time right?

    And about an hour in, I'm just ignoring the timer each time it happens. Trying to get neurotypical people who 'get distracted sometimes' to understand ADD is such a pain.

    I had to actually champion for the youngest of my brothers when he was in school. The school he went to was a private one and structured so students had their own little cubby-desk to work at. And the school and my parents kept being upset that he wasn't doing his work. 'We took everything out of his desk and he STILL gets distracted' was one of the complaints. And I had to explain look, I deal with the same thing. It doesn't matter what you have, your brain will drift. And taking away everything from him is pretty effed up.

    tl;dr people who aren't ADD act like it's a choice to get distracted and it's not.

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    I never even heard of pomadoro until now.

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    So when this thread started, was around when I started seeing a therapist at a local center once a month. They verified my ADHD and I've been talking to them about my situation ever since. That first session they decided it was warranted to apply to get me medication.

    Long story short, I'm level 3 (the lowest priority) and have not yet been seen by the doctor that can actually medicate me. The request expired from their system and had to be added back in. Despite my hopes I'd experience life with something to assist me through these hurdles months ago, I no longer have any idea when they'll get around to assisting me.

    Have others experienced this rope-a-dope of diagnosis with deferred assistance?

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