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    YOure just mad because you couldn't find mankriks wife

    I had to Google wtf that was

    I actually got bored and quit around level 40 because I got sick of grinding and everyone I played with had quit.

  • Pitcrew

    I think the "success" of the Cox stuff may be feeding things right now. Nostalgia is strong. Classic gaming has always been a thing. I've played on classic private servers and enjoyed it but faded away.

    Searching for groups to do dungeons. Farming mats and herbs for potions. Hell farming gold for mounts. There's a lot of pains in classic people have forgotten that I'm not sure the modern flavor people will handle.

    I was talking with a major streamer friend of mine that was in my wow guild about it. He has been pondering switching to a classic wow stream emphasis but said the people he's talked to don't think it's sustainable past the first month. I'd lean to agree. It'll be great for that first rush through the level 30 range. Then the grind starts that people forget. Some will stick with it but we've gotten so short attention span I'm skeptical

  • Pitcrew

    Welcome to the world of walking in your mismatched rainbow armor, waiting for a group to form outside.

    If it doesn't have quivers and pet food, it isn't classic enough for me.

  • Pitcrew

    @Bananerz It always pissed me off that I had to have one full bag for arrows and everyone else didn't. And then halfway through a dungeon realizing that you were almost out of them.

  • I honestly expect people to try this, realize that all of their talk about how Vanilla was better was insane, and come back to playing modern wow.

  • Keep in mind that they're using the last patch iteration for this. If I remember correctly, that was when things got a little bit less grindy and all that. So yeah, things might've been shit in the earlier versions/patches, but that miiiiiiiight not be how it winds up being.

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    @bored said in WoW Classic:

    @TiredEwok Tbh I'm not sure that expectation will hold up for a lot of the early content? The difficultly of a lot of old wow content was in learning basic techniques and coordination. No one knew anything and it was tons of guesswork and fiddling around in an era before good wikis.

    Pretty much. I remember people putting up crazy theorycrafting about shaman tanks, warriors tanking in DPS gear, you name it.

    But even if it's nostalgia driving people as long as they have fun, who cares?

  • Creator

    "Hey why did my pet run away?"
    "You have to feed them now."

    Conversation I saw at least 6 times during the beta they had.

    Oh and hunters, you need to buy arrows again too! Have fun!
    Soulshard farming. Farming MC for that damn bag and the mages always getting the ring. You know who should have got it? THE ONLY WARLOCK WITH YOU ON GARR THAT'S WHO!

    Yeah not looking forward to it at all, tbh. But I do want to go back to the old quest places from before Cataclysm.

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    @Insomnia And buffing every person individually. And carrying mats for it. Oooh, and rogue poisons.

  • Pitcrew

    Yeah I'll be making an Undead Warlock.

    Pretty sure my brother will be playing, he's mentioned an Undead Priest. A friend is making a raiding guild, so I look forward to hopping into Molten Core again and shadowbolt spamming.

  • Pitcrew

    My fave memory is from UBRS, when you can bypass some stuff and jump down into that arena to start a boss fight. A friend of our forgot to put his mechanical yeti away before jumping down, so it ran through all the places bypassed and brought all those monsters into the arena, so we were dead before the first wave of the arena stuff really even started, and it just kept on filling up and up with monsters because there was one hidden rogue alive to keep things going.

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    @mietze Remember when Stratholme was a 15-man raid?

    I remember wiping as a 15 man group there, hahah.

  • My nickname at one of the places I worked was "Leroy Jenkins".

    'Nuff said.

  • @Insomnia

    Don't forget the fact that hunters also had a mana pool. I actually loved that and have missed it. My 200k+ mana pool in WotLK was something I was super proud of. This 100 focus bullshit pisses me off.

  • @Rucket

    Hey, let me know if you'd like someone to run around with.

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    @Thenomain said in WoW Classic:

    A bunch of young kids at work are going crazy about this “Magic the Gathering” thing. What the hell is going on in the world? Are we grasping for nostalgia so hard even people who never lived through these things are pining for it?

    I think it's called 'we are getting old'. This happened with Bell Bottom pants, too.

    Yeah, but these are people young enough that this is their first experience with Magic.

    In retrospect, it's probably a well-supported business model and maintaining the brand and game in such a way that it's still something nerds like.

  • Pitcrew

    God. The thought of regrinding my warlord pvp title....

  • I just found out today that my entire raiding guild is going to be playing classic. That will be interesting.

  • So I have decided that I am going to make a Twitch community-based guild for my WoW Classic guild. Going to name it ThePotatoSquad, or some iteration of that if that's too long. Going to be Alliance side, since I think that's what I am going to play the most. Poke me once the game's live if anyone's interested!

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