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    I watched the last four episodes of Supernatural so to see how it ends.

    It was emotional but now I also remember why I stopped watching it before now; it's just... not good. The script, especially the dialogue, is often predictable and drags on, while the plot is bogged down by its own massive history.

    But even aside from the nostalgia factor that sometimes had to carry the show, when it works... it still works. These guys earned their 15 seasons.

  • @Runescryer I am loving it. It's a really, really good reboot (sequel? since it's not truly a reboot).

    I'm hoping, really hoping, they bring back Good Idea, Bad Idea. That was my fave segment from the original.

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    @Auspice said in Good TV:

    @Runescryer I am loving it. It's a really, really good reboot (sequel? since it's not truly a reboot).

    I'm hoping, really hoping, they bring back Good Idea, Bad Idea. That was my fave segment from the original.

    I'm wanting Slappy, Buttons & Mindy, and Rita & Runt back, mostly. All the other skits I can take or leave.

    One other thing that is kind of bothering me...the new President/CEO/Executive of the studio. The Warners really aren't interacting with her like they did with Plotz. And she's entirely too blase/apathetic about the Warners for them not to mess with her. Again, minor quibble, overall.

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    On November 17 evening, Mayor Jennifer Ananda proclaimed that Lawrence, Kansas, was now the 'official hometown of Sam and Dean Winchester, fictional characters of the television show Supernatural' at the City Commission Meeting. Ananda said that in her last full meeting as mayor, this was 'something she wanted to do because it was exciting and fun' and as a moment of 'levity' before stepping down as mayor after a particularly tough year. She added that she 'came of age with the Winchester brothers'. She hoped that one day, once the pandemic was finally over, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki would finally visit Sam and Dean's hometown and take the 'haunted tour downtown and take care of some of those ghosts and The Eldritch'.

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    Episode 4 of The Mandalorian featured probably the best photography and lighting I've ever seen on TV. Visually it was simply magnificent.

    Disney has thrown money at people and production values and it shows. This show is movie-level good across the board. I can't imagine what it costs to make per episode, it must be insane.

    (Please be careful with spoilers if you reply).

  • $15 million per episode

    8 episodes it's $120 million per season

    Average movie budget is around $100 million

    You get what you pay for?

  • Well I just finished binging season 7 of the 100. The first three episodes took me a full month to sit through because they were so confusing and weird. After watching episode #4, it took me just 2 days to finish the 12 episodes left. It picked up hella steam and started explaining a lot in a way that finally felt like actual sci-fi instead of fantasy nonsense. I wasn't buying the whole anomaly arc until they actually explained what the anomaly was, and then I was hooked.

    My conclusions. (Some mild spoilers.)

    ***=Really mild though honestly***

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  • Taskmaster is the best thing ever

  • S2 Episode 15 of The Mandalorian was awesome.

    And jesu cristo Bill Burr has some CHOPS, I am still a little shocked!

  • I began watching Kaley Cuoco's new show, The Flight Attendant while (failing at) baking shortbread cookies tonight.

    It is actually a lot of fun. And sort of how I imagine 'character who has never done anything remotely like this in their life begins investigating something' should go.

    I'm kinda half-wanting to go on a WoD game, make a Mortal, and be the clueless idiot just throwing myself at the case in 'but I saw it on Dateline' ways for the first plot I come across.

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    Oh my FUCKING god.

    The Mandalorian's season finale.

  • @arkandel

    I enjoyed it, a lot. But man, it dipped a liiiiiiittle too far into the Uncanny Valley for me at the end. It was a really cool reveal, and I am impressed on a technical level and shit but like...I really, really hope they don't try to do that with any sort of regularity.

  • New season of Letterkenny.
    A new crochet project.

    I already stayed up 'til 6: might as well power through the night and try to fix my sleep schedule for the nth time.

  • I'm rewatching Fringe and man...it is so weird how different aughts media feels already. Only twelve years ago but our priorities were so different. I FEEL SO OLD

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    It's NYE and what am I most excited about, besides 2020 fucking off?

    New Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

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    @aria How about the third season of Cobra Kai?

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    @arkandel said in Good TV:

    @aria How about the third season of Cobra Kai?

    I haven't seen any of the seasons of Cobra Kai!

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    @aria Well, they aren't going to watch themselves you know.