Star Wars Republic d20 SAGA - (Prequel Era)

  • Hello everyone! I'm currently working on tweaking a Star Wars MUSH set just as the Clone War begins, but it can use some beta testing to see if certain house rule ideas will work or not and add enjoyment for players who wants more options. Beyond that, all of the basic things are in place, like ships, planets, factions, +nom systems, and such. If it goes well, the rest of the work is just incrementing expanding the universe as per players' needs.

    Please feel free to drop by, since it's a beta test right now I'm not sure if the testers want to give it a go during a time frame set just after Episode I, or hop straight into Episode II where the Clone Wars is beginning.

    Star Wars Republic can be accessed via: Port: 6006

    Looking forward to see other members of the community!

  • Pitcrew

    @Obie Are the rules of the game available in the help files or something?

  • I would not mind playing on a game set in Episode II. It was a good movie and not a bad setting for a mush, in my opinion!

  • @GreenFlashlight Absolutely. You'll be able to access it via +help or +sinfo.

    @TiredEwok Yeah, time has allowed me to appreciate the Prequels a lot more, and the work that George Lucas and Dave Filoni put into The Clone Wars series really rounded things up and put a lot of things into new perspective. I was surprised there was no active communities set in this time period when I came back to the MUSH community. I hope to find more likeminded people too!

  • Pitcrew

    I think that if everyone is on the same side, Episode II is a pretty great setting. There's plenty to RP about, there's always action going on, and Force Users are common. You'll have to decide how far you want to diverge from canon though -- there are dangers on both sides.

  • Pitcrew

    Does that time frame mean that FCs are going to be running around?

  • Pitcrew

    It'd be nice to finally see a SW mush which gave players the options to change history. Its hard to be dolls in a dollhouse. On the other hand, some mushers these days expect things to either be on a silver platter, or to NOT CHANGE OR DIVERGE FROM CANNON EVER, so I can see why you'd do the alternative. Less interesting though.

  • @Seraphim73 & @secretfire My intention is to give players with the opportunities to make small divergences, but I've been in one community in the past where a player killed off a major FC and thus deprived me and many others the chance to have the thrill of interacting with said FC, and Order 66 happened so fast that I never even had a chance to try out the environment.

    So I'd like to offer people a chance to make their own mark in the game's history, but ideally the changes would be neutral or in the benefit of the overall community. Have Order 66 happen later? Having a different person take over Mandalore? Different outcomes in battle? Have more Jedi survive Order 66? Those seems cool and it rewards the players' efforts. Have one person kill off Palpatine, General Grevious, or Count Dooku? No, from my own personal experience that was bad, so that sort of large divergence won't happen.

    @WildBaboons There'll definitely be FCs from all sides showing up once in a blue moon to drive narrative purposes, but the intent is for the focus to be on the OCs.

  • Pitcrew

    @Obie I think we were on the same game.

    I agree that relatively narrow canon changes but keeping the general sweep of history the same is a good call. In my opinion, you want to have the new setting be recognizable, and to make sure that a new player can scan over a (relatively) brief list of bulletpoints as to "what's different" from established canon and still feel like they can fit their expectations into the new reality.

    I also love how you've described the use of FCs. I'm also of the opinion that canon characters should be used as questgivers and canon touchpoints only, and should all be in the hands of Staff. Then you don't have to worry about, for instance, Palpatine going off and starting Order 66 a couple of months before everyone was ready.

  • Even though it came around at a point where I just couldn't devote enough time to it, I did like how Chontio handled the spectre of Star Wars canon: "all that stuff is off happening somewhere, and here you are, in the fucking boonies."

  • I think there's a lot of wisdom I can learn from folks who have built their communities before me. I really like the idea of OCs standing and being heroes on their own merit, with just the FCs showing up as cameos in varying levels of participation just to reinforce the fact that yes this is still Star Wars, we're still in the same universe but you're living your journey and they are living theirs, with the occasional crossing of paths on rare occasions. :)

  • One of the great things about the SW universe continuing to grow is that it enforces the idea that there are tons of heroes in the galaxy. And there are high stakes in a lot of places. The movies glanced over a lot. But the lives of billions of people on one planet is not insignificant. And there are a ton of planets in the galaxy.

    There are countless stories to be told that don't depend on any particular canon storyline.

    That said, people want their actions to matter. They want to feel like more than backgrounds in the story. I actually loved that Order 66 happened early in the previous game. It was exciting and it forced people to pick sides and gave a brand new dynamic to the storyline, not to mention gave a lot of force characters a path to survival. And it happened in part due to OC actions.

    However... there was a lot of story left to be done in the Clone Wars era that people were really enjoying. And the RP that came after Order 66 was not enjoyable for some. I don't know all the reasons behind why it was done, but I can definitely see where it negatively affected a large portion of the database. That's a big decision and hopefully it wasn't made lightly. Not everyone is good with change and that is just one of those things that will never make everyone happy.

  • Pitcrew

    Will definitely check this out, I've been waiting for a pre-Empire game for a loong time.

  • Am trying to log on anc can't connect.

  • Pitcrew

    Unfortunately this is not a new game. Its got the same old dinosaur characters (whose play styles are not improved over the last 5 years) with all their bloat equipment so far ahead of everyone else that it is unplayable for the few people on the game who are making new characters.

  • @Jynxbox said in Star Wars Republic d20 SAGA - (Prequel Era):

    Unfortunately this is not a new game. Its got the same old dinosaur characters (whose play styles are not improved over the last 5 years) with all their bloat equipment so far ahead of everyone else that it is unplayable for the few people on the game who are making new characters.

    Is this... I wanna say Vaapad's game that booted him off?

  • Pitcrew

    Not sure if it is that game or not. That game or some version of it has been in multiple people's hands. But the fact that people are allowed to play their old characters with old equipment is already driving people away.

    I might even understand if people wanted to play their old characters - not that I'd want anyone to actually do that -, but at least have them start over and earn their xp with everyone else rather than putting characters with years worth of xp in the same scenes with brand new level 5 PCs.

    Edit to add: Not just in the same scene with brand new level 5s, but against those level 5s. Guess who won every roll? How is that expected to be fun for other people? Especially when the first post says that what happens in beta will carry over. So 2 characters will basically win over the galaxy before the game starts because no other PCs can possible stop them, individually or collectively.

    Fantastic start.

  • @Jynxbox Sheesh, that's just... super duper lame.

  • Well I don't know if Vaapad is @Obie but it is a beta game and maybe mentioning the issue will prompt him to make adjustments. I've visited the game. There's a lot of work put into it. This might be one of those things that just become an oversight. If its bad for the game, they might just make an adjustment and cancel that out. I doubt they want to run off new players, so they might just not realize the impact, even if it might seem obvious to you.

    I would hop on and use my mountains of xp to fight for the Republic but the previous staff wiped my character after I left (even though everyone else's character seems to be left in tact). Sorry.

    But then again, someone jumping onto the game to influence events and smack around other character just because they spent time on a previous iteration seems to be exactly the problem.

  • Pitcrew

    I mean, the staffer is not Vaapad, but an old player who left the old iteration (a good one as far as my memory goes) - and has said he's wiping the oldbies at the end of Beta, so I'm not sure thats much of an issue. I have seen some oldbies return and bitch about other oldbies, but I expect that to go away once beta ends.

    I've seen two combat scenes thus far; one was semi-freeform (with some skill checks and some basic to hit rolls) and the other was coded.

    The freeform one was about 5-6 newbies vs a level 11; the newbies basically all got an action a round each in a fairly tough (but slightly) starship; the oldbie was in a more heavily damaged, lower-quality ship and got more limited actions. The newbies had some trouble with the system and strategy, and did pretty darn good until they decided to stop moving the ship.

    The second scene involved a level 7 oldbie, an oldbie on a new pc, and a new pc temping someone ambushing a much higher level oldbie, along with some npcs to help them. It didn't go well for them, though as its a no-PK game noone died. Not that the oldbie tried, as far as I could tell, but he did chase them when they ran, and the other oldbies seemed pretty dang annoyed.

    Right now the current campaign is a very, very low stakes one on a jungle world, just for a plot for the sake of the beta and testing, I don't think anyone is winning anything considering the oldbies involved, as far as I know, are not getting to keep their pcs or XP after.

    Personally, I look forward to a post-beta reset, but I don't think people around temporarily is a problem.

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