How to use Potato MU Client

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    @skew I'm giving it another try and see if I can just get used to it. If I had my choice I wish it didn't do that, but it seems silly to have that be the cause of my dismissal of the client, because otherwise it seems to be a perfectly good client that is a good replacement for my old school SimpleMu.

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    @skew said in How to use Potato MU Client:

    @Ruggles is reporting the above simply does not work on PennMUSH. Is anyone out there playing a PennMUSH game that could check?

    The [/get 0] is what seems to be failing. If you set up the above to just send say [/get 0] it should work. Though now that I type I do hope ol' Ruggles was using a zero and not a letter!

    This is happening in windows 64bit. It doesn't matter what the server type is. That is the part that is purely handled by the client before it sends it to the MUSH. Basically there is some kind of bug. I ran my client as administrator and it still won't do this. Course I'm trying to log to a drive that is not the main OS drive (potato isn't on the OS drive either) so that might have something to do with it if this isn't a widespread bug. Who knows.

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    I'm still unsure what this is supposed to do exactly?

    More specifically -- get takes some predefined variable that you've set on the game (or set through /set) and recalls it. What is variable 0 here? When was it set? It's not one that has a predefined meaning in Potato.

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