MU Things I Love

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    That moment when you do a thing at midnight and then just wait to see the world start burning. But quietly tho.

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    When you've been working hard on things IC and OOC and someone you know just a little pays you and your group a really nice compliment. <3 Totally makes pretendy funtimes worth it again.

  • When you can take the Palm Sunday mass you suffered through and turn it into parts of an IC sermon for a Sanctified Midnight Mass.

    Totally makes being Catholic work to your advantage in setting the mood for a Vampire game.

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    @Ganymede I need you to tell someone that attended that service how much it helped you. Bonus points if you can manage to say it earnestly.

  • @Pandora said in MU Things I Love:

    Bonus points if you can manage to say it earnestly.

    She's a lawyer. She could earnestly say the sky is green.

  • @Pandora said in MU Things I Love:

    I need you to tell someone that attended that service how much it helped you

    It did, actually.

    It reminded me that people will fight over the scraps at a table, rather than for the person serving the food.

    It reminded me that one of your closest acquaintances will sell you out for money, and another will disavow knowing you to save his hide.

    It reminded me that neither the people nor the government care about innocence, and that peace is often the motivation of injustice.

    It reminded me that one will be saved and another will be condemned.

    When people start accepting the capriciousness of people, the world will be a better place.

    @Tinuviel said in MU Things I Love:

    She's a lawyer. She could earnestly say the sky is green.

    To some people, it is, if they have a sensory dysfunction.

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    Green skies happen. I've seen one that was green from horizon to horizon, and it was eerie as all hell even without being the biggest thunderstorm I've ever known.

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    When something gets slipped into an utterly mundane action (Plz use my +secret to bump the quality of this item plx kkthnx., that sort of mundane) that makes you go Ooooh. @Darinelle I'm looking at you. You made my morning delightful and I'm running with it all the way to the RP bank!

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    @jibberthehut It ain't all about the rollz, bb.

  • Reconnecting with a long lost friend and RP partner. I missed my bud, man.

  • New Game Idea:

    (drum roll)


    A game about the lives, trials, and tribulations of hardcore 1980's camp counselor tropes with all PBs in their 30s and 40s.

    Will they discover the lost hermit rocker in the woods before the rich kids from across the lake unwittingly cause the destruction of the camp by nuclear fire?

    Will a 20 year old Ted (PB: Clive Owen) succeed at saving the camp by keeping his crown as the camp's reigning fart fight champion?

    Will the multiculturally cast group of high school gangbangers sent to camp to avoid probation (PBS: Tracy Morgan, Will Farrell, Betty White, Wes Studi, Ricky Martin, Mako) learn to work together before one of them stabs each other with the SWITCHBLADE HIDDEN IN THE BUNKHOUSE???

  • @Ghost

    Not another WoD game. :(

  • @Ganymede LOL.

  • Pitcrew

    @Ganymede It would only be WoD if the age part were reversed. People in their 40s and 50s using PB's in their 20s.

  • Dangling this carrot...

    ...a fun-filled 20 something with a love for dance music, beach volleyball, and per legend once soothed a bear into pacifism by singing "Sailing" by Christopher Cross.

    PB: Mickey Rourke

  • Pitcrew

    Getting to feel super accomplished even on a low brainpower week because people have invited me to help on very personally relevant actions/investigations on both of my PCs. I really love the warm fuzzy teamwork capacity as well as the ability to do things solo!

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    When you've been in a bit of a slump on your character and then suddenly, WHAM, something utterly cool happens thanks to good IC friends and awesome staff and admittedly, some stubborness on my own part to keep going.

    That feeling. It's the best.

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  • Pitcrew

    @faraday and what she's done and doing with Ares. There have been a lot of people whose first taste of Ares is on GH, and they gush about the portal all the time.

    [Chat] Player (@_Handle_) says, "Yeah I love the web portal, this is the first time I've ever seen/used anything like it and its great. And it makes everything so easy"

    People are throwing stuff like that out there all day. A lot of people who had quit M*ing or taken a long break have commented that they feel like they can play again solely because of being able to pose and chat from their browser.

    So, yeah. Thank you for everything you've put into this project, @faraday. People are really, really digging it. <3

  • It's weirdly heartwarming that Jill the Guest is still out there.

    Just had a run-in on Notion.

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