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    A cup of mayonnaise
    a large bowl of butter
    a lot of cheese
    and a pinch of butter

    just mix that all together and then rub it on both of these guys

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    @flitcraft said in Recipes!:

    A cup of mayonnaise
    a large bowl of butter
    a lot of cheese
    and a pinch of butter

    just mix that all together and then rub it on both of these guys

    alt text

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    Instant Pot Wine

    I haven't tried it yet, but you bet your ass I'm going to.
    Check back in about a month.

  • @auspice Yikes, that's a lot more work than when I used to make cider with some yeast and concentrate with an airlock.

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    @sg said in Recipes!:

    @auspice Yikes, that's a lot more work than when I used to make cider with some yeast and concentrate with an airlock.

    Cider is the easiest (of cider, wine, beer, mead, etc...) AFAIK. Cider is what I was going to start with on the 'homebrew' front, but I never bothered largely because getting good enough juice to start with proved to be a PITA locally for me at the time.

    But yeah, cider is super easy.

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    It won't be ready until tomorrow but corned beef cooked sous vide at 145 degrees for 48 hours.

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    So this isnt a recipe, but I recently bought a dehydrator.

    I love this thing. All the jerky. Mostly in the experimental phase right now, perfecting my recipes for Beef and Salmon Jerky. So far, more success than not. Just cut up a 3lb brisket and cant wait to taste how it comes out.

  • @wretched I just got one as well but I haven't tried jerky yet. Report on how it turned out and how you made it. I've been using mine for fruits and vegetables.

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    @tnp I've made a few batches of each over the last couple weeks, most are amazing.

    I'm finding Salmon interesting to work with and it's hard to figure out which kind to use. Fattier stuff doesnt dry properly, but i got some super lean salmon and it crumbled (So i really have these tasty spicy salmon jerky flakes in some tupperware right now)

    Beef is easier, as little fat as you can, ive been doing roasts. Even chuck roast is good.

  • @wretched Salmon jerky is amazing but tricky, yeah. I looked around online a bit for you, what do you think about this? and this one is in Celcius but sounds tasty:

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    @kay That first link is the one i was using, or at least the base of it. I've altered some things, adding my own spices (I just got a 3oz bottle of Habanero powder) Mostly It's finding the sweet spot.

    That second one looks interesting, havent tried boiling the marinade beforehand.

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    So I have been trying various wing recipes for a while. And one I keep coming back to is garlic parmesan. Most recipes are just.... lackluster. They aren't right.

    I've finally found the right one.

    Next step: finding out which (dry) peppers pair well with it to make it proper spicy.

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    Tonight was my second run with these (IP) teriyaki wings. The first time was OK, but I wanted to try them again (plus hey, relatively low-effort wings).

    Tonight was a winner. I tweaked the teriyaki recipe a bit (put a couple more teaspoons of sriracha in, plus a teaspoon or two of valentina, and a couple tablespoons a hoisin). I may have been really lazy and used ground (vs super freshly minced) garlic and ginger. Sitting there and doing the thing to peel and mince ginger is the hardest part of the recipe, but it's worth it.

    I barely waited for these to cool down before I downed six wings standing at my counter. #worthit The sauce came out that balance of sweet on the front end with a bit of burn on the back end. Could def. up the hot sauces used for more spice, but I didn't want HOT. I mean it's just teriyaki. That little bit of hit at the back of the throat is fine.

    However, I think what I have here is the base to work off of. Next step? Turning it into a mango habanero.

  • My mom loves to bake and she makes some weird things from time to time. In this case it started with her asking, Who likes Tornado Cake? I thought this was an interesting cake and was pretty tasty. Though if you are NOT a fan of coconut well then this is not for you.

    2 cups all purpose flour
    1 teaspoons baking soda
    2 cups granulated sugar
    2 large eggs
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    20oz can crushed pineapple

    1/2 cup salted butter
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    2/3 cup evaporated milk
    1 cup granulated sugar
    1 cup chopped *pecans
    1 cup sweetened coconut flakes

    *Really you can substitute other kinds of nuts or if you prefer fruit for this.

    Preheat your oven to 350 degrees and grease a 9x13" baking pan with butter
    In a large mixing bowl, mix together your flour, sugar, baking soda, eggs, vanilla, and crushed pineapple.

    Pour into your baking pan and bake for 40-45 minutes or until golden brown.

    Poke several holes in the cake with the handle of a wooden spoon or something equivalent.

    In a medium sized sauce pan, heat your butter, sugar, evaporated milk, and vanilla until it reaches a boil.

    Mix in your pecans and coconut and continue cooking for about 5 minutes on medium heat, stirring constantly.

    Pour your topping evenly over your cake, slice, and enjoy! OR! You can chill it for a day. This cake tastes good chilled or warm. You could even chill it and heat it up in a microwave for about 30 seconds and add a scoop of your favorite ice cream with it.

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    I just bought an Instant Pot from Prime Day based, at least in part, on the recommendations here.

    You fuckers better cough up the goods now.

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    I'm mostly passing this on because I've tried it and it's freaking heaven.

    It's a pineapple-coconut cake made with rice flour. Freaking heaven.

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    I've been considering an instant pot; but first something's going to have to pry my hands away from my cast iron. Every time I start thinking about getting a new or different food preparation vessel, I just end up buying another Lodge.

    No, really. I might have a problem. I was looking at barbecue skewers and some new silicon brushes - ended up coming away with this instead:

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    I just feel like there should be a disclaimer right in the description not to use it as cookware after using it as a lead ladel.

    An instapot pot is awesome though. I rarely ever use my crockpot anymore after getting one

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    I went on Amazon yesterday to check Instapot prices and availability.
    I have a 10.5" square cast iron grillpan coming in tomorrow.
    ... help me...