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    In the last three week, 22 out of the 24 residents on my unit of the nursing home I work for have caught COVID. We were on isolation precautions all last week, but today they ended despite one resident having been identified and quarantined just yesterday.

    6 of those 22 residents have died. But yes, sure, the crisis is over, let's end isolation so we can start taking in more residents.

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    That is really sad. :(

    I hadn't thought things were so fraught still. We were crossing our fingers because I've got a grandfather and grandmother who both need to be in memory care units and we can't get them moved (for my grandfather) or in at all (for my grandmother, she is still living with an abusive aunt while my father fights for control of decisions over her. Legal documents aside, the person who lives there vs the person a state away has more authority.)

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    I am so sorry for what you dealing with GreenFlashlight and what those around you are dealing with.

    I was working the Covid isolation floor yesterday and am worried about a staffer who came down with a strange blood clot, wondering if it is covid related and if they have more clots.

    The crisis is far from over and its going to be a rough winter, I think.

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    I just quit my second job (phone job) - I want to get good sleep for what is to come.

    And I managed to save a bunch of a my plants after the summer winter storm!

    Also one nice thing about mushing is that I don't have to worry about passing germs to roleplay partners.

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    @kk said in The Work Thread:

    Also one nice thing about mushing is that I don't have to worry about passing germs to roleplay partners.

    Until someone finally codes MUSHyphilis that spreads from one computer to another when people TS.

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    Thursday my throat started hurting at work. I made it through my shift. The next day (Friday) I woke up feeling like my sinuses were packed and with a general malaise. I'm off on Saturday, and felt terrible the entire day. Off and on chills. Sinuses hurting. Mild cough. Wooziness. Wake up Sunday (today), and feel like absolute death. Just absolutely cannot get out of bed to go to work. Text my boss to say: Hey if I make it at all today I'm going to bed late.

    Literally pass back out for two more hours. Wake up to a text of: "I really need you to come in today, we're short staffed and way behind."

    I crawl my ass out of bed, drag my work clothing on, and stumble to work. Get there and it is ... not busy. At all. If they're behind at all it's just because they're not moving quick enough to do any of the prep and stuff, not because they're slammed...

    Feel terrible. End up puking. Get sent home by COMPLETELY different manager...

    FYI: I work in food service. Consider that when you order food. ;)

  • @Cobaltasaurus Aaaaand you just explained why a lot of us no longer do. Which is no doubt hurting your boss' business and you'd think owners/managers in the food industry could do this math.

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    First day of uni.


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    I'd suggest burning down the building(s), but enough of the world is on fire at the moment.

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    why the fuck are you sending me requests for status updates for things i have nothing to do with. why are you sending me attachment of copy for things that are not my job to design. i am not a graphic designer. i am not the art director. i am not the project manager.


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    @SixRegrets apparently Swansea felt that was a valid option.

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    Look, do you know why the evening charge nurse told you to ask me about the patients over here when she handed the unit off to you? Because I know them and you don't. If you don't want to take my advice, then don't take it, but don't get snippy with me when it goes badly for you.

  • @GreenFlashlight said in The Work Thread:

    Look, do you know why the evening charge nurse told you to ask me about the patients over here when she handed the unit off to you?

    Alternate explanation:

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    @Caggles said in The Work Thread:

    Got two separate formal grievances lodged against me by one of my academics. One for the tone of voice used when telling her to please stop asking the same question again and again when we've already answered it, and please to also stop threatening us. And this latest one where apparently I, along with my head of school, head of faculty, head of HR, head of ITS, and the vice chancellor of the university have all been conspiring to read her emails, send her spam mail, and arrange cold callers from India to phone her about a road accident/PPI/a virus on her computer.

    On the one hand it's laughable, on the other, she clearly needs help. Either way it's many many man hours of official investigations and due process (and because she's accused everyone who would otherwise be involved in the investigation, we've had to go to external investigators at £400 per day) for a paranoid fantasist who is so far removed from reality it's frightening. If she were in the real world, not a university, she'd have been sacked by now for vexatious litigation.

    And although I know I'm well and truly in the clear - I cleared my phrasing with my head of school before sending that first email out, to be sure I wasn't being overly sensitive, and I physically don't have the ability or access to read this woman's emails - it's fucking with my stress levels and my sleep.

    I do adore my job, but this woman makes me want to go out at night with a shovel, a tarp and a bath full of bleach.


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    Our middle school and elementary school are in two different buildings, and with Covid nonsense this year it's REALLY difficult to connect with those teachers.

    But occasionally I meet up with one and I ask how things are going.

    They're going poorly for them. And yet the message is that "people" have it figured out and are doing good.

    They are not. None of us are doing this well. I wish they'd cut the rainbows and sunshine bullshit and just commiserate with us that this shit sucks. I'd respect some of my admin team if they'd do that.

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    I'm growing exhausted and tired at work where it feels like no amount of prep that I do the day before prepares me for the next day because that slack I created for myself just gets sucked up taking care of things in other places of the building.

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    I have reached a breaking point at work. I love my team. Especially my Little Boss. I love everything else about the job except for the cross selling. But of course, this is what is being hammered every day. While quotas have not been instituted yet, the pressure is real, and I know it's not really coming from my manager per se but the tippy top down.

    If I was the only person that would get dinged when I refused to push credit cards to people I know are barely keeping afloat or ruining themselves financially to make payroll or helping their adult children/extended family during this shitshow of reality we have going on right now, then I wouldn't care. But not making the numbers means the whole team suffers and while pretty much NOBODY is doing that (the pushing) right now, I just can't take it anymore.

    In addition, after curriculum night this week at my youngest's school I burst into tears. This is the first time in 14 years of having k-12 aged kids that I have felt so fucking depressed looking at the plans and schedule rather than jazzed that I really can't describe my feelings as anything other than despair. There is no flexbility. We were promised as parents at least 1 asynchronous day (no live zoom meetings)--the high schoolers have that but there is NONE for elementary. On the one hand I get it but my husband must work and he needs time for meetings during business hours so that we can buy food and help put kids through college and live. I must work outside the home so that we have healthcare. Because of that doing 3-4 live zoom meetings of 30-60 minutes each during the hours of 9-3:30 is...unsustainable. I can't move my schedule to anything that can even be helpful (in addition to the work stress above)

    So this past week I sent out 8 resumes. I was invited to do a prerecorded video interview on friday and have 2 telephone interviews this week. Hopefully they will give me a chance. Hopefully me actually WANTING evenings/weekends helps get my foot in the door. I'm only applying to benefitted positions.

    I just cannot keep doing what I'm doing, it's gonna break me. Some of my stress has lessened just putting real apps in, at least. I've experienced some stuff in the last few months that make me worried that I've already really damaged my health, but at least this is a step towards claiming it back.

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    @mietze If an employer won't/can't take care of you, you have to take care of yourself. I have ditched several jobs due to stressful working conditions and never, ever regretted it.

  • Tutorialist

    "Huh, strange that's more way more hours than I normally have and given most days I stay late p sure that's gonna be over time..." I think, looking at my schedule.

    Then I take a second look at it.

    Oh those mother fuckers scheduled me for 6 fucking days this week. I am barely holding on by a thread most days. I didn't brush my hair for two weeks because of being sick and work. It took me a good twenty minutes to finally do so when I did.

    I get them needing me on Saturday, it's gameday. I get it. But what the fuck, give me another day off.

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